In a world filled with uncertainty when it comes to planning weddings, we are seeing more and more couples plan alternatives to a big wedding ceremony. We’ve discussed elopements and micro-weddings, but this week we wanted to bring you something new: A wedding after session.

What is an After Session?

An after session, or often called a post-wedding session, is exactly how it sounds. A photoshoot after you’re already married. This can be the day after you tie the knot, a few weeks, or even years after your marriage. Simply put, it’s a chance for you to slip back into your wedding dress and suit, get your hair and makeup done again, and have a full romantic photo session celebrating your love.

How Can Covid Brides & Grooms Benefit From an After Session?

If your wedding was canceled due to covid-19, but still decided to legally marry by going to the courthouse with no fanfare or photographer, an after session is perfect for you! This is a great opportunity to get those incredible romance pictures you envisioned for your wedding day… all while following mandated county guidelines due to covid-19! We’ll plan your after session around the time of the sunset (just like we would have at your wedding) so that we can get those epic colors in the sky and the golden glow of the setting sun. Plus, we know you are dying to get a timeless wedding album. With an after session you can create a unique album filled with cherished memories of the time you’ve been together as husband and wife.

Another benefit for brides and grooms who had to cancel their weddings due to the pandemic is the opportunity to photograph at their original wedding venue. All wedding venues are currently not allowing large weddings or more than 10 people or some not at all. However, with an after session that includes the bride, groom, Dee and Kris, it’s not an event and therefore restrictions are more lenient. Some venues that operate a business, like the Scribner Bend Vineyards, or Park Winters, a Bed and Breakfast, could possibly be open and available for a session on their property. Please confirm with the venue about their availability, restrictions, and any necessary site fees.

Sacramento Photographers photograph a couple in front of the Park Winters Bed and Breakfast. Benefits of doing an After wedding photoshoot. Covid wedding ideas with an after shoot.

A note From Dee and Kris: Shelter in place guidelines vary by state and county and continue to change, daily. If you are planning an after session or continuing with your wedding plans during the covid-19 outbreak, remember to follow your government guidelines. As a company, we will be adhering to the CDC recommended guidelines as well as state and country requirements, including wearing a mask and keeping a 6 ft distance until the shelter in place order has been lifted.

Even More Benefits of an After Session

More Time for Just You!

Weddings are understandably busy. You’ll want to say hello to everyone, you’re rushed from here to there, reminded to eat and drink plenty of water, and then suddenly your photographer snaps you our of the wedding daze, with “It’s time for your sunset session, we only have a few minutes before the sun sets!” Now don’t get me wrong, Dee and Kris always get killer romance pictures on a wedding day, even with a quick 20 minute session. However, the beauty of an after session: no time constraints! We will have the opportunity to plan ahead for the perfect location, take our time with lots of different posing and backgrounds, without having to worry about getting back to anxious guests waiting for your arrival.

More Time = More Creativity

Have you always loved those cool shots of a couple dress in their wedding attire setting out on a canoe ride? Or maybe you love those shots of the bride twirling with a smoke bomb in an empty parking lot? Or maybe you had props you wanted to use that got forgotten on your busy day. Since an after session involves more time dedicate just for photos, this is the opportunity to be super creative. We will have more time to set up our shot at the perfect angle, and if you’re not happy with it… we have time to reset and try again!

Keep It Local & Personal

Choosing a venue is tricky, you need to choose based on your style, guest count, and general location you want. However, with your after session you are not limited to event spaces! Let’s head out to the cute little bench were you first met, or the cafe where you had your first date, or maybe you want the iconic Tower Bridge in your photos because your love story started in Sacramento. The photoshoot locations are endless when you’re not tied to an event. We have more time to explore and easier access to unique places!

Benefits of doing an After wedding photoshoot. Folsom Lake wedding, Post wedding photoshoot

Perfect Weather

You probably chose your wedding date a year (or more!) in advance, so when bad weather lands of your coveted date we simply have to roll with it. In my option, kissing in the rain shots under a clear umbrella are simply the best. However, if that wasn’t the perfect shot you wanted for your wedding day, an after session can be planned around the weather forecast! We try to be as flexible as possible for our after sessions, if conditions are less than ideal, we’ll have the opportunity to reschedule.

A Secondary Location

If your dream venue was limited on beautiful locations were you could do romance pictures, such as country clubs or indoor only venues, an after session give you the opportunity to choose a secondary location separate from your wedding venue. We know all the best places in the Greater Sacramento area for killer romance sessions!

Dress Up: Times Two

For most people, a wedding dress is an outfit they only wear one time. Why not break that tradition and wear it a second time? An after session gives you a chance to wear your dress (and his suit) again, in a carefree setting and gorgeous pictures. Did you wear your hair in an intricate up-do for you wedding but also want to have some photos of your hair down? Go for it! This is your chance to dress up again and have it all!

Dirty Dress: Yes Please!

On your wedding day you had to be extremely careful to keep your beautiful one of a kind gown spotless from ceremony to dancing. Ready to take your dress on an epic adventure through the mud? You guessed it: after session! Without a reception to rush off too, you can get your dress as dirty as your want, let’s get some epic shots of you both jumping into the river or dragging through the dirt on the trails. The possibilities are endless when you’re no longer concerned about being clean!

Fresh Hair and Makeup

We can’t stress enough the benefits of professional hair and makeup for a wedding and the same goes for an after session. Professional makeup artists as skilled in makeup that is ideal for photos and lasts all day. However, if your makeup faded a bit or your hair went flat before your sunset romance session. This is your time for a do over! We recommend getting your hair and makeup done at the salon with your favorite artist (or ask us for recommendations) immediately before the shoot so you are as fresh as possible! An after session skips the hours of standing in the heat, sneaking bites of food here and there, and kisses that steal your lipstick. Plus, if you want a more natural look as opposed to your original wedding day glam… this is your chance!

How do After Sessions Work With Dee and Kris?

Our after sessions work just like our portrait sessions! A simple session retainer that’s applied to your print order, and then you only pay for what you LOVE. We have a variety of options (see them all HERE) that include albums, portrait boxes, and large wall art. Your after session images are going to be something your want to see and feel every single day, let us help design one of a kind artwork that tells your love story for generations to come. Contact us now to get on the books for your after session! We can’t wait to chat with you!

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