A Romantic Venue for a Special Day

The Arden Hills Club set the perfect stage for Krysteena and Vince’s special day. This elegant location created a romantic atmosphere that perfectly suited their love story. The couple shared the story of how they met on the dating site Coffee Meets Bagel on their site featured at The Knot.

Key Vendors Contribute to Unforgettable Moments

The wedding day featured many talented vendors who made the event special. Strelitzia Flowers created lovely floral arrangements. They complemented the romantic atmosphere with their designs. Dee and Kris Photography captured the day’s emotions beautifully. Additionally, Makeup Artist Shana Beals and Christi Reynolds Beauty did stunning work for the bride and her party.

Nikki Ozawa at Baker & A Black Cat made a unique wedding cake and desserts. Guests enjoyed these sweet treats throughout the celebration. While Kendo the DJ at Mixsterious LLC DJ Service kept the energy high with great music. Overall, the couple’s chosen vendors helped create a memorable day for all who attended.

Stunning Floral Designs by Strelitzia Flowers

Strelitzia Flowers provided exquisite floral arrangements for Krysteena and Vince’s wedding. The floral designs added a romantic touch. The bridal bouquet was a highlight, featuring a beautiful mix of colors and textures. Additionally, the flowers complemented the bride’s dress and overall theme.

Furthermore, the centerpieces by Strelitzia Flowers enhanced the reception tables. Their artistic arrangements combined elegance and creativity. The flowers created a cozy and enchanting atmosphere for the celebration. Guests were impressed by the floral artistry and stunning visuals.

Bridal Beauty Services by Shana Beals and Christi Reynolds

Shana Beals and Christi Reynolds provided bridal beauty services for Krysteena’s wedding. They offered flawless makeup and elegant hairstyles. The bride looked stunning with makeup by Shana Beals. Additionally, her work complemented Krysteena’s natural beauty. Shana’s skill created a glowing, radiant look.

Additionally, Christi Reynolds styled the bride’s hair beautifully. Her elegant designs matched the wedding theme. Christi’s hairstyles were sophisticated and lasted throughout the day. The bridal party also looked lovely, thanks to Christi’s expertise. Together, they elevated the bride and bridal party’s overall look.

Capturing Love: Dee and Kris Photography

Dee and Kris Photography took stunning photos at Krysteena and Vince’s wedding. The photos captured their love and joy perfectly. Dee and Kris documented key moments of the day such as these moments of the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids.

In addition to those moments, the couple’s ceremony and first dance were beautifully shot. The photographers skillfully caught emotions and special moments. Consequently, the photos provided lasting memories of the wedding day. Their work left Krysteena and Vince with treasured images to cherish.

A Personal Touch: Jenavie Cahilig’s Officiating

Jenavie Cahilig, the bride’s cousin, officiated the wedding ceremony. This choice brought a personal touch to the event. Additionally, her presence strengthened the couple’s bond with their family. She added warmth and familiarity to the day.

Consequently, having Jenavie as the officiant made the ceremony unique. She shared heartfelt stories about the couple’s journey. Consequently, her involvement made the ceremony deeply meaningful. Guests appreciated the close connection she brought to the couple’s special moment.

Cinematic Memories: SB Films Wedding Videography

SB Films provided beautiful wedding videography for Krysteena and Vince’s special day. Their work captured the day’s emotions with a cinematic touch. Additionally, SB Films filmed key moments like the ceremony and first dance. They created a stunning keepsake for the couple.

Furthermore, the video preserved precious memories for years to come. Consequently, Krysteena and Vince can relive their wedding day anytime they wish. The cinematic quality made the video truly special. Guests and family will cherish watching it together.

Unique and Sweet: Custom Cake by Nikki Ozawa at Baker & A Black Cat

Nikki Ozawa at Baker & A Black Cat created a custom 4-tier wedding cake. The cake was decorated with scattered flowers. Additionally, the floral design matched the wedding theme perfectly. The cake was a lovely addition to the reception.

Additionally, the cake topper was unique and adorable. It featured Funko Pop dolls personalized to look like the couple. This sweet touch added charm and personality to the cake. Consequently, guests loved the special treat and its design.

Dance the Night Away: Mixsterious LLC and Kendo the DJ

Mixsterious LLC and Kendo the DJ with The Fresh Crew provided excellent entertainment at Krysteena and Vince’s wedding. Their music selection was diverse and kept guests dancing all night. Additionally, Kendo the DJ played popular hits and classic favorites. This made sure everyone enjoyed the party.

Importantly, the DJ’s service was professional and engaging. Kendo the DJ interacted with the crowd and took song requests. Consequently, guests were on their feet, enjoying the lively atmosphere. Mixsterious LLC DJ Service and The Fresh Crew made the evening unforgettable for everyone.

Final Thoughts on Krysteena and Vince’s Unforgettable Wedding

Krysteena and Vince’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love. Each vendor played a role in creating this special day. Additionally, their teamwork made the wedding memorable for the couple and their guests. From the romantic venue to the lively entertainment, every detail was perfect.

Furthermore, the couple’s love shined throughout the day. Their journey from meeting on Coffee Meets Bagel to their wedding day was inspiring. Consequently, we wish Krysteena and Vince a lifetime of happiness. May their future together be as beautiful as their wedding day.

Congratulations, Krysteena and Vince!



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