Welcome to My Crib

A cute little macrame sign hung from a door inviting us into Baby Kooper’s crib. Alexis and Nick held sweet baby Kooper closely, giving him kisses and listening to his tiny coos. Here, in their South Land Park, home was the best place of all right now. This at-home newborn session was so warm and inviting.

Two images: left image of macrame sign that reads #mycrib. Right image of newborn in at-home newborn session.

Dad took a turn at feeding Kooper and he promptly fell asleep. This made for some sweet moments captured as they listened to him making tiny baby snores.

Three images: Top image of elevated view of dad feeding baby. Bottom left image close-up of baby in dad's arms. Bottom right image of mom looking at baby as she holds him.
Three images: Top left image of baby holding mom's finger. Top right image of Mom rocking baby next to a window. Bottom image aerial view of both parents holding baby.

At-Home Newborn Sessions Are the Sweetest

Little Kooper looked sweetly up at Mommy with his fingers, his tiny fingers wrapped around hers, but he knew he already had them both wrapped around his.

The guys made mom laugh as they played around and made funny faces at each other.

Two images of at-home newborn session. left image of baby sucking on dad's nose as mom looks on. right image of mom laughing as baby sticks tongue out at dad.
Three images of at-home newborn session

Kooper sits on mom and dad’s bed like a throne and the look on his face says it all.

Their Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix fur baby, Luna, stands guard over her baby brother Kooper. He’ll grow up with a best friend. What a lucky baby to be so loved and so safe.

Congratulations to this beautiful family!



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