The build begins 2013-01-14_0004 2013-01-14_0005 2013-01-14_0006 2013-01-14_0007 2013-01-14_0008 2013-01-14_0009 2013-01-14_0010 2013-01-14_0011 2013-01-14_0012Yesterday was one our best shows thus far. Since we began the revamp last year from Robinson Portraits to Dee and Kris Photography we ran into a few bumps along the way to get ready for one of the largest Bridal Shows in Northern California. We were stationed in Building 5 at the perfect location for our brides. This year I wanted to try something different for the 2013 show vs previous years. I wanted to create a gallery and free flowing bridal booth for all our future brides. So we expanded our booth from 8×10 to 8×20 to create a positive flow in and around our booth. This year I think we succeeded as we all noticed our brides moving freely in and around out booth. I have to say I ready to meet many of our future brides and a few of our past brides stopping by to say hi. We love what we do and their is nothing like meeting a new bride and seeing their passion to create the most memorable day of their life. I never approach my brides as a salesman because I feel you don’t need to sell them on your work, you just need to sell them on you because your work speaks highly of your skills. You want to be the person they can deal with for their entire day and make great memories. Success is being personable and fun and great to be around. I’ve heard the horror stories and it’s a shame that we as professionals have this stigma that follows. We have been blessed to have made thousands of friends and we continue to make more. Be approachable and don’t be a salesman. Enjoy what you do, create passion, capture moments and be memoriable! ” I love what I do and I do what I love”.



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