A Love Story Begins at UC Davis Alumni Center

Cristina and Jacob met at UC Davis during their sophomore year. Late-night physics study sessions brought them closer, turning friendship into love. By the next quarter, they were inseparable, their love story blossoming within the UC Davis Alumni Center’s walls.

Choosing the UC Davis Alumni Center for their wedding was special. It paid homage to where their love began. As they walked down the aisle, the Center’s grandeur highlighted their journey. It echoed memories of their first meeting and love’s growth. The venue, known for its elegance and history, captured their story’s spirit—a mix of tradition, beauty, and scholarly pursuit.

Cristina’s Choice: Brides for a Cause Gowns

Cristina picked her wedding dress from Brides for a Cause, captivated by their charity work. Every gown there supports a special cause, which she found very meaningful. Additionally, their sustainable wedding dresses matched her eco-friendly ideals. The Brides for a Cause dress collection offered her many styles, ensuring the perfect dress for her day.

Invitations with Personality: Sweet Cloud Designs

Cristina loved Sweet Cloud Designs unique, bespoke designs, wanting her invitations to be as special as their love. Sweet Cloud Designs excels in custom stationery, fitting her need for a personal touch. The Sweet Cloud Designs wedding invitations she selected were more than just paper; they were artworks echoing the elegance of their wedding.

In all aspects, from her beautiful Brides for a Cause gown to the distinctive Sweet Cloud Designs invitations, Cristina’s choices brought meaning, style, and individuality to her wedding. These choices not only made her day stand out but also reflected her values and the unique story she shares with Jacob.

Cristina’s Stunning Look: Makeup and Hair by the Beals Sisters

For her wedding day makeup, Cristina chose Shana Beals. Shana is known for her expertise in wedding makeup. She brought out Cristina’s natural beauty, enhancing it with her skilled techniques. Moreover, Shana’s work is not just about makeup; it’s about creating a look that reflects the bride’s personality.

Jenna, Shana’s sister, took care of Cristina’s hairstyle. Jenna Elyse Hair is famous for crafting beautiful, lasting hairstyles. She created a look for Cristina that complemented her features and gown perfectly. Additionally, Jenna’s attention to detail ensured that Cristina’s hair looked flawless throughout the day.

Together, the Beals sisters made Cristina look and feel her best. Shana’s makeup artistry and Jenna’s hairstyling skills blended seamlessly. This collaboration resulted in a stunning bridal look that was both elegant and timeless. The work of Shana Beals and Jenna Elyse Hair truly made Cristina shine on her special day.

Jacob’s Elegant Choice: Indochino Wedding Suits

Jacob picked Indochino for his wedding suit, drawn to their expert custom tailoring. Specializing in bespoke men’s wedding suits, Indochino guarantees a perfect look for every groom. Their focus on personal style and fit impressed him. Additionally, the variety of fabrics and customization options enhanced his experience.

Similarly, Indochino’s commitment to detail stands out. They craft suits that grooms treasure, not just wear. For Jacob, working with Indochino was a journey to the perfect groomswear. His suit was tailored to fit him flawlessly in both size and style.

With Indochino, Jacob’s suit was more than attire. It was a tailored symbol of elegance, made just for him. Their mastery in bespoke tailoring greatly improved his appearance and confidence on his wedding day. The sophistication of Indochino’s groomswear added a special touch to the ceremony.

Vibrant Blossoms: Strelitzia Flowers at the Wedding

Strelitzia Flowers brought floral enchantment to Cristina and Jacob’s wedding. Their bouquets combined sunflowers, roses, and baby’s breath, creating stunning displays. The sunflowers added vibrant energy and symbolized joy. Additionally, the classic romance of the roses beautifully balanced the bright sunflowers.

Each Strelitzia Flowers arrangement was a visual delight. Delicate baby’s breath, intertwined with sunflowers and roses, gave a dreamy appearance. Furthermore, these bouquets enhanced the wedding’s natural and joyful vibe.

The Strelitzia Flowers team focused on every detail, crafting unique bouquets. Their floral design skills were evident in the seamless blend of colors and textures. These arrangements did more than decorate; they were a key part of Cristina and Jacob’s special day, adding elegance and charm to every moment.

Capturing Memories: Dee and Kris Wedding Photography

Dee and Kris Photography captured the heart of Cristina and Jacob’s wedding day. Their style shines in seizing genuine, fleeting moments, turning them into lasting memories. Excelling in candid photography, they tell the day’s story through each shot. Additionally, their skill in capturing the essence of moments is unmatched.

Their photos blend creativity with realism. Dee and Kris make every image feel intimate and full of life. Likewise, their focus on detail ensures all moments, big or small, are perfectly captured.

With Dee and Kris, Cristina and Jacob’s wedding wasn’t just an event; it became a vividly told story. Each photo by Dee and Kris celebrates their love and the joy of their special day. These photographs will be treasured, immortalizing their beautiful moments forever.

Elegant Celebrations at UC Davis Alumni Center

The UC Davis Alumni Center is a remarkable venue for weddings, known for its stunning elegance. Every detail, from sophisticated table settings to dramatic lighting, adds to its charm. The Center’s beauty serves as the perfect backdrop for unforgettable celebrations. Additionally, its spacious halls and striking architecture make every event there unique.

The University’s catering, provided by Olive and Vine, is a major highlight. Their exquisite culinary creations enhance the venue’s allure. Olive and Vine’s catering expertise ensures each dish complements the elegant surroundings. Furthermore, their diverse menu options satisfy all tastes, making meals there extraordinary.

More than just a place, the UC Davis Alumni Center offers a complete experience. The combination of its elegant setting and Olive and Vine’s exceptional catering creates memorable events. This venue doesn’t just host gatherings; it crafts beautiful memories.

Setting the Mood: Bruce Greenwalt, The Wedding DJ

Bruce Greenwalt created the perfect vibe at Cristina and Jacob’s wedding with his DJ skills. Remarkably, he picked songs that connected with everyone, keeping the energy high. His playlist mixed romantic tunes with lively beats, engaging all the guests. Moreover, his smooth song transitions kept the atmosphere vibrant and enjoyable.

As a professional DJ from Music More, Bruce infused the celebration with vitality and fun. His talent in managing music and the crowd showcased his event entertainment expertise. Finally, his ability to select the ideal song for each moment added a memorable touch to the evening.

Bruce Greenwalt’s DJ services did more than play music; they were key to the wedding’s success. He crafted an atmosphere that balanced fun with elegance. Lastly, his efforts filled Cristina and Jacob’s special day with laughter, joy, and non-stop dancing.

Congratulations, Cristina and Jacob!



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