January is cold, but SO fun for an engagement sessions at the UC Davis arboretum. You can’t go wrong in those tall redwood trees!!

Aaron and Brittani were working together on a  project at LinkedIn and initially met through a series of  video conference calls; at that point neither of them expected to fall in love. At the time they were focused on the work and completing projects that kept them, and other team members, up until two in the morning. After communicating only through email, phone calls and video conferences the two actually had the chance to meet in person, but still were not prepared to fall in love; they only exchanged introductions and plans to spend their lives together were the furthest things from their minds . At an event the next day, he took an embarrassing photo of her (which he still has and refuses to delete) and briefly discussed plans to go to dinner with the rest of their team. Conveniently, Aaron neglected to get Brittani’s number and Brittani, always the go getter, reached out to her manager Nick, to get Aarons number and confirm plans. All but one flaked on dinner but the two (plus Lakshman) decided to meet to watch basketball and eat. Afterwards, the two went to an arcade bar and that’s where sparks started to fly. Still though, they never thought they’d be where they are now.  After Brittani won several games of Mortal Combat (which he still denies to this day), the future couple decided to continue their night so that Aaron could introduce her to a drink made famous by 2Pac (an obsession of his). After staying up until 5 a.m. watching Squawk Box, discussing investment strategies and examine all of life’s important themes, they prepared to split ways and go about their lives. After a series of text messages and Facetime calls, Aaron returned to Phoenix a few weeks later and they officially became a couple on May 12, 2016.  They worked through a long distance relationship (although Aaron has acquired a significant amount of airline miles) and will now live in Denver, CO with their two dogs Eva and Boomer.  Any one of a million things could have changed their trajectory but the stars aligned to give them the opportunity to create something beautiful. They have, and they are so excited to see what the next chapter of that beautiful something looks like.



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