Take Me To Tahoe

It was only fitting that our couple donned their hiking duds for an adventurous Donner Pass engagement session because it sits 7,056 feet above Donner Lake in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Valerie and Stephen both have successful and busy careers as doctors. It’s no surprise that this couple unwinds by enjoying some of the funner things in life. And by that, we mean hiking, enjoying good wine, and being Star Wars fans.

Love Among the Lupine

Our couple walked hand in hand through the tall lupine that is native to California. Undoubtedly, this vibrant purple flower made the prefect backdrop for a romantic session complete with a lakeside kiss.

Valerie looked like sunshine in her yellow maxi dress and Stephen couldn’t get enough. The white and purple floral pattern elegantly mimicked their surroundings.

Wine Not?

Valerie and Stephen are both very proud of their Italian roots and there is nothing like a fine Italian wine to celebrate. The couple shared a toast and a smooch as they gazed out over Donner Lake.

The sunset turned the sky beautiful shades of blue and purple and pink; some of the same colors that were in Valerie’s second maxi dress.

Snuggles and Sabers

A sweet snuggle soon turned as the couple jumped up and quickly armed themselves with custom lightsabers (is there any other kind?). Valerie and Stephen dueled valiantly as any Jedi master worth their title would.

In the end, though Jedi shouldn’t let emotions get the best of them, love won out and they showed each other mercy and there was peace in the galaxy once again.



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