Elyse and Sean chose the serene beauty of Forest House Lodge for their special day, setting a remarkable precedent for nature-themed weddings. Their selection of this venue wasn’t by chance; it was a heartfelt decision to exchange vows surrounded by nature’s unparalleled beauty. The Forest House Lodge not only provided a stunning backdrop but also embodied the essence of their love for the outdoors. Moreover, the personal touches they incorporated made their celebration uniquely theirs. From a custom cribbage board guest book crafted by Elyse and her parents to the heartfelt ceremony officiated by a family friend, Tara Sissom-Pittaro, every element was a reflection of their personalities and journey together.

Moreover, the couple’s choice of Forest House Lodge highlighted their desire for a wedding that blended elegance with nature’s tranquility. This choice set the stage for a day filled with love, laughter, and memories in one of the most captivating nature wedding locations. Their attention to detail was evident in every aspect, from the beautifully designed Fawcett Ave Paper Co invitations to the exquisite floral arrangements by El Dorado Nursery, which complemented the Forest House wedding venue’s natural beauty. Elyse and Sean’s wedding was not just a celebration of their union but a testament to their shared values and love for the environment, making their day not only beautiful but meaningful.

The Venue: Forest House Lodge

Forest House Lodge is the ideal spot for a woodland wedding. It combines natural beauty with custom service. Located deep in nature, its beauty is more than just the view. It turns a wedding day into an unforgettable journey. The Lodge offers a variety of wedding packages. This ensures that every couple finds what they’re looking for. Additionally, its personalized service makes every wedding special. Forest House Lodge isn’t just a venue; it becomes part of your story. Known as a scenic spot, it truly deserves its reputation. It offers a beautiful backdrop for your big day.

Grand Sierra Point is the highlight of Forest House Lodge. It offers amazing views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enhancing the ceremony. This place does more than just look beautiful; it stands as a testament to love and commitment. Here, nature’s majesty meets personal moments, creating a perfect setting for nature weddings. Couples looking for both beauty and meaning in their wedding find Grand Sierra Point ideal. Its beauty, combined with the Lodge’s extensive wedding packages, makes it a top pick for a memorable woodland wedding.

Natural Elegance: Aria Weddings Hair and Makeup

Without a doubt, Aria Weddings shone in accentuating the bride’s natural beauty. Their services, rich in luxury, exude elegance and sophistication. The artists, skilled and attentive, created a look that matched the bride’s features and style beautifully. Each brush stroke made her more radiant and confident. The team worked closely with the bride, blending her wishes with their expertise. Together, they reached an outcome that was stunningly beautiful.

Furthermore, Aria Weddings stood out because of their incredible focus on details. They know exactly how to craft a look that’s both luxurious and sophisticated. Importantly, they adjust their services to fit the bride’s unique preferences, making the prep time both personal and fun. The result of their work? Pure elegance and sophistication. This was clear for all to see when the bride made her way down the aisle. Indeed, the effect of their efforts was undeniable, capturing the attention of everyone there. The bride shone brightly, her beauty a clear sign of Aria Weddings’ commitment and high-quality service. Their role was crucial, significantly contributing to the day’s success.

Accent the Day: Dareth Colburn Designs & Fawcett Ave Paper Co.

Dareth Colburn Designs significantly enhanced the bride’s attire. Firstly, their delicate crystal hair vine introduced elegance. Moreover, this piece from Dareth Colburn Designs was a perfect match for the bride’s style. It not only added charm to her wedding outfit but also made her hairstyle stand out beautifully. Importantly, this selection emphasized the bride’s natural beauty without being too much. Essentially, the hairpiece served as more than an accessory; it made a bold statement. Ultimately, it represented the simple sophistication the couple desired.

Fawcett Ave Paper Co. quickly established the wedding’s theme. Initially, their custom invitations suggested the event’s elegant nature. These unique invitations from Fawcett Ave Paper Co. provided the first peek at the wedding’s style, mixing exclusivity with a personal touch. Such attention to detail signaled an event packed with exclusive wedding services. More than merely revealing a date, the invitations drew guests into a sophisticated and charming atmosphere, mirroring the wedding’s overall mood seamlessly.

Fun and Laughter with Dee and Kris Photography

Dee and Kris Photography excel in capturing weddings beautifully. Their expertise shines through every photo. This duo knows the essence of a Forest House Lodge wedding. They bring fun and laughter to each session, making everyone comfortable. Being a joyful couple themselves, Dee and Kris create a relaxed atmosphere. Their skills are exceptional, blending the joy of a wedding with nature’s beauty.

Moreover, their hands-on approach guarantees memorable captures. Dee and Kris’s ability to evoke genuine smiles is unmatched. They ensure that each photo reflects the day’s happiness and the couple’s love. Their work not only documents the event but also tells a story filled with fun and laughter. Choosing Dee and Kris means choosing photographers who understand the significance of your day. Their photographs are a testament to their passion and skill.

Fashion and Style: Bliss Bridal, Sarah Flint, and Bonobos

The bride’s dress by Wtoo Watters, sourced from Bliss Bridal and Black Tie, was the epitome of a luxury wedding dress. Its elegance captivated everyone. Bliss Bridal provided a dress that blended style with grace perfectly. De La Rosa’s Bridal then added their touch with custom alterations. They tailored it to fit the bride flawlessly, enhancing its beauty. Their work ensured the dress looked like it was made just for her, showcasing skilled craftsmanship. Finishing up, Sarah Flint shoes were the bride’s choice for both comfort and elegance. These elegant bridal shoes complemented the dress beautifully, marrying style with wearability.

Meanwhile, the groom looked sharp in a sophisticated suit from Bonobos. His attire mirrored the wedding’s refined theme. Bonobos offered a modern, sleek look that stood out. Together, their outfits created a stunning visual harmony, reflecting their impeccable taste and the day’s overall sophistication.

Family and Friends Create Floral Excellence: El Dorado Nursery

Family and friends played a big role in the decor, crafting floral arrangements with blooms from El Dorado Nursery. These creations were more than just decorations; they brought the wedding’s theme to life. Using flowers sourced from El Dorado Nursery, they designed nature-inspired wedding decorations that were breathtaking. The arrangements carried a rustic wedding inspiration, perfectly fitting the woodland setting. Their efforts added a personal touch that made the venue even more special.

Moreover, the DIY approach to the floral decorations by using El Dorado Nursery flowers fostered a warm, inviting atmosphere. Each bouquet and centerpiece was a testament to the love and creativity of their community. These rustic and nature-inspired pieces not only complemented the venue but also underscored the wedding’s intimate feel. The result was a beautifully decorated space that felt both elegant and personal, thanks to the unique contributions from loved ones and the high-quality, vibrant flowers from El Dorado Nursery.

Vows With a View: Officiant Tara Sissom-Pittaro Adds a Personal Touch

Having Tara Sissom-Pittaro, a close family friend, officiate the ceremony added a deeply personal touch. It made the event more special. Her role underscored the importance of personalized wedding elements. Tara’s familiarity with the couple brought warmth and intimacy to the ceremony. This choice highlighted the family-oriented wedding ceremony, making it memorable for everyone involved.

Moreover, Tara’s participation emphasized the couple’s desire for a wedding that felt personal and heartfelt. Her involvement ensured the ceremony was not just formal but also a reflection of the couple’s unique story. This approach to the wedding, focusing on personalized and family-oriented elements, resonated with all the guests. Tara’s contribution as an officiator made the ceremony not only significant but also a true celebration of love and family connections.

The Cinematic Skills of The Uncommon Weddings

Choosing The Uncommon Weddings for cinematography was a pivotal decision. Their expertise in wedding videography services ensured high-quality coverage. The Uncommon Weddings specializes in capturing the day’s essence in a cinematic style. Their work turns moments into lasting memories. Their cinematic wedding videos tell a story, making each frame memorable. This approach gave the wedding a movie-like quality, preserving emotions and details vividly.

Furthermore, The Uncommon Weddings’ ability to encapsulate the day’s atmosphere is unmatched. They focus on creating videos that are not just seen but felt. Their dedication to capturing genuine moments adds depth to their cinematic wedding videos. This method highlights the day’s beauty and the couple’s love story. Choosing The Uncommon Weddings meant the couple’s memories were artistically and beautifully preserved, ensuring the essence of the day was captured for years to come.

Forest House Lodge Offers Couples Peace of Mind and Beauty

Forest House Lodge offers all-inclusive packages that make weddings easy and memorable. Their services include catering, coordination, and cake decorating. This approach simplifies planning, allowing couples to enjoy their day. The charm of Forest House Lodge as a woodland wedding location is undeniable. Its natural beauty creates a magical setting. Forest House Lodge’s coordinator, Katie Petrovich, ensures every detail reflects the couple’s wishes. Katie designed beautiful table settings that combined the couple’s colors with their love for books, adding a personal touch to the decor.

Moreover, the cake by Monica Nickel, Forest House Lodge’s in-house cake decorator, was a highlight. This three-tier cake became the centerpiece of the festivities. Its design and taste impressed everyone. Monica’s skill in creating such a masterpiece added to the day’s joy. Forest House Lodge’s comprehensive packages, including the talents of Katie and Monica, ensure a seamless and beautiful wedding experience. The lodge’s ability to provide these services in-house makes it a preferred choice for couples looking for a stress-free and charming woodland wedding.

Cribbage, Anyone?

Elyse, along with her parents, crafted a unique cribbage board for guests to sign, which was not only original but deeply personal. Lovingly handcrafted, this guest book became a special element of the wedding. Consequently, this choice introduced a unique touch that mirrored the strong bond within their family. Moreover, guests were delighted to sign it, leaving behind messages on a piece that will be cherished forever. As a result, this cribbage board evolved into a treasured keepsake, brimming with memories. Ultimately, it stood out by seamlessly integrating tradition with the couple’s personal narrative.

SJ’s DJs Rock the Forest House

SJ’s Disc Jockeys were key in making the wedding memorable, providing excellent wedding entertainment services. They kept the mood upbeat with carefully selected wedding music. This ensured all guests had a fantastic time, from start to finish. Their expertise in crafting the perfect playlist shone throughout the event.

Furthermore, the highlight was the couple’s first dance to “Lullaby” by The Chicks, masterfully curated by SJ’s Disc Jockeys. This fun and touching moment set the evening’s joyful tone. It wasn’t just a dance; it was an unforgettable start to the celebrations, thanks to the vibrant atmosphere they created. Their role in selecting tunes that resonated with everyone made the night truly special.

Congratulations, Elyse and Sean!

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