Family Photoshoot Tips: Now that you’ve booked your shoot with Dee and Kris Photography it’s time to decide what to wear! No need to stress over this because we have some simple tips to help you pick the perfect outfits for everyone!

  1. Color Coordination: Staying within the same color family is encouraged for families. For example, stay with all jeweled tones or all pastels. If one people is wearing lime green amongst a family of pastels, visually your eye will be distracted by the shirt, not your expressions and connection.
  2. Consider the Season: Fall and Spring are the most common seasons for family pictures. For a fall color palette, you’re going to be looking at more muted colors, such as browns and tans with a hint of color from a burnt orange or maroon. In the springtime, you’ll probably want to wear brighter colors, such as yellow and pink!
  3. Limit Patterns: We love a fun pattern, but be careful when dressing a whole family. Subtly mix a pattern in with solid colors. Remember coordination is key, not matching.
  4. Undergarments: Undergarments can be your best friend or worst enemy. Make sure they fit properly and do not show through your outfit.
  5. Bring an Extra Change of Clothes: Make sure you bring an extra change of clothes for your kids AND for yourself. You never know when he/she will have an accident.
  6. Avoid Graphics: This is a simple one, graphic t-shirts are distracting and usually have their own message. We want the message to be focused on you!
  7. Keep it Classic: These photos are going to hang on your wall for years to come. Wearing simple, classic clothing will help your artwork stay timeless.
Sacramento Family Portraits, Family picture clothing ideas
Sacramento Family Portraits, Family picture clothing ideas
Sacramento Family Portraits

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