For many couples, sparklers are high on the list of things they want to celebrate their grand exit. We’ve all seen those beautiful pictures of guests holding a sparkling glow of light, but here in California, sparklers pose a real danger. Today we are talking about grand exit ideas that still have that WOW factor! From glow sticks to vintage cars, there is something fun and unique for everyone!

With any type of exit, be sure to remind your guests to throw, shoot, or hold up your exit props UP and OUT. In the heat of the moment, people will want to throw at the couple, which only results in lavender in your eyes, or too much confetti covering your face. When your props are thrown up and out, it allows for the perfect cascading flow of accents surrounding you as you leave.


We LOVE bubbles, especially in the evening. We’ll pop a little flash to really make the bubbles stand out. Make sure to get hand held bubble machines in order to pump enough bubbles into the frame.

Bubbles also work great for a ceremony recessional! Give all your guests on the ends bubble guns, with directions to shoot upwards and then watch the magic happen as you dance down the aisle as husband and wife!


A little bit bigger and definitely more colorful than rice. It also smells lovely! Since lavender is small, look for a mix with pedals, leaves, and larger pieces of natural material so that they show up in your pictures!

LED Foam Glow Sticks

We can get super creative with glow sticks, so let’s bring some color into your grand exit! For maximum potential in your picture, make sure to get big ones like these on Amazon!

Biodegradable Confetti

For a fun celebration as soon as soon as your become one, have your guests toss some confetti! We recommend giving all your guests near the aisle large cones with lots of colorful confetti and having them toss it just after you pass by so a majority of the color happens behind you and not in your face! Be sure to find biodegradable confetti to avoid spending time sweeping up after the celebration.

Fog Machine / Smoke Bombs

CHECK WITH YOUR VENUE. Colorful smoke can make for epic pictures, but please be aware these can come with their own sets of dangers.

Ride Away in a Classic Car

Remember when couples used to tie tin cans and a “Just Married” sign to the back of their car? It’s tradition to drive away, and you can do it in a cool car! Whether you have an heirloom car in the family, or you choose to rent something unique, it’s an awesome way to make a statement as you saw “goodbye!”



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