Stephanie and Aaron were married on a beautiful autumn day surrounded by their closest family and friends. The couple fell in love with Granite Bay Golf Club, because of its incredible beauty and garden charm. Before getting into their wonderful, let’s start with how this Granite Bay Golf Club wedding came to be…

Aaron and I met on Tumblr in 2011. We found each other through similar interests, especially music! We were both in high school but he lived in Norman, Oklahoma, and I lived in San Jose, California. We quickly became internet friends and talked almost every day. We were both going through some really hard times, but we were always there for each other. We hoped that one day we’d meet in person but weren’t really sure it would ever happen. In the meantime, we had Skype. In October 2012, we both agreed that we liked each other as more than just friends and decided to “date” as much as a long distance couple who never met in person could date.Fate worked in our favor and in 2014 we were able to meet in person! I flew to Oklahoma and met his family who welcomed me with loving arms. Then a few weeks later, he flew to San Jose and met my family, who also welcomed him with loving arms. I ended up going to college at Cal Poly Pomona as an Animal Health Science major and a couple years later, Aaron joined me there as a Music major! We got to spend pretty much every day together for the two years we both went to CPP and realized that we were truly meant for each other. We both shaped each other into better versions of ourselves and always talked about having a future together. He talked to my parents when we went to visit for spring break and asked them if he could marry me. They knew that we are perfect for each other and gave us their blessings. In May 2017, about three weeks before my graduation, we went to Joshua Tree National Park. I knew he was going to propose because he can never keep a secret from me. I wore a dress to go hiking in the desert! After a long day of walking around and climbing on rock formations, we found a secluded area at the end of the park where he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him! And of course I said yes!! We are so excited to get married and finally, permanently, bridge the gap between us. 

Granite Bay is the perfect venue us. I knew from the moment I saw it that it was the right place. It took some convincing for me to bring Aaron there since he did NOT want a golf course wedding, but he saw how stunning it was and that it wasn’t a typical golf course. Since we started dating in October, we thought it would be fitting to get married in October. We also love October in general. I’m a big fan of Halloween and we both love the aesthetic of fall. We want our wedding to capture our personalities and overall be a relaxed, fun day to celebrate the first day of the rest of our lives together.

Stephanie chose a beautiful sheath dress with cap sleeves from De La Rosa Bridal in Folsom.
Aaron got his grey suit from Men’s Warehouse
The couple loves the fall so they tied in some fall themed decor into their October wedding

After Stephanie and her father walked down the aisle, they asked their guests to celebrate their matrimony with an unplugged wedding. However, they got 1 minute to take as many pictures as they could! Led by their DJ, Music & More Entertainment.

After their selfie moment, the guests put away their phones and enjoyed the emotional and touching moment of the couple becoming wed with the help of Reverend Ronald Beams.

We LOVE the pop of color from Stephanie and her bridesmaids bouquets of sunflowers. She created the perfect set of bouquets working with the florists at Costco! All the bridesmaid’s found the perfect purple dress at David’s Bridal.

Shout out to their videographer COG Cinemas!

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