A Picturesque Venue: Falling in Love with Taber Ranch

On a bright Memorial Day weekend, Clay and Jenaé stumbled upon Taber Ranch as they explored the captivating Capay Valley. Here, amidst the rolling hills and vibrant orchards they knew they had found their venue.

This venue isn’t just another wedding spot; it’s a slice of heaven. As they traversed through its sprawling vineyard, the couple felt an immediate connection to Taber Ranch. The inviting countryside, lush vineyards, and far-reaching orchards provided an escape, a tranquil retreat away from the bustle of daily life.

But Taber Ranch offered more than just scenic delight. Its unique rustic décor, and the promise of a day-of coordinator, intrigued and eased the couple. This meant not only a gorgeous backdrop for their vows but also a hassle-free, joyous celebration of love in the enchanting valley.

Cupcakes & Conversations: How Clay and Jenaé’s Journey Began

College days are full of memories, unexpected friendships, and often, love. One evening, at a bustling college party, Jenaé entered, tray in hand, passing out her homemade cupcakes. As she approached a chattering group, she locked eyes with Clay. Their conversation started over a cupcake compliment, and by the night’s end, they hadn’t stopped talking. Hours flew, and amidst the laughs, shared stories, and icing smudges, a beautiful relationship began. Their chance encounter over a simple cupcake marked the beginning of their heartwarming journey together.

Elegant Attire and Beauty Bliss: Jenaé’s Wedding Day Look

Jenaé found her dream gown at Bride to Be Couture. The boutique, known for its exclusive and elegant collections, offered her a dress that was nothing short of mesmerizing. Each stitch, each detail on her gown spoke of sophistication and timeless beauty, embodying the essence of Bride to Be Couture’s exquisite offerings.

On her finger, an equally stunning piece from Arareity Jewelers. The jeweler’s expertise in crafting beautiful, personalized pieces presented Jenaé with rings that mirrored the radiance of her smile, complementing the elegance provided by Arareity Jewelers.

For her big day, Jenaé entrusted her look to the capable hands of Whitney Shutz and MBK Beauty. Whitney, through her Instagram page Bridal Hair by Whitney, showcased her ability to craft hairstyles that are both elegant and effortless. Meanwhile, MBK Beauty ensured that Jenaé’s makeup was flawless, enhancing her natural beauty with every brush stroke, embodying the expertise that Whitney Shutz and MBK Beauty are celebrated for.

Jenaé valued comfort as much as style on her special day, choosing to wear Hoka Shoes provided by the brand’s Northern California Rep, Jocelyn Schmidt. With Hoka, she didn’t have to compromise. The shoes provided not only the comfort needed for a day full of dancing and mingling but also added a dash of modern fashion to her bridal look.

Capturing Love with Skill and Joy: Dee and Kris Photography

Dee and Kris approach wedding photography with a delightful mix of professionalism and enjoyment. This dynamic duo not only captures each moment skillfully but also adds a fun twist to the process.

They’re there for more than just taking pictures. Need assistance with your dress’s train or a quick fix to your hair? Dee and Kris jump right in, offering their support, ensuring that everything is perfect for each snapshot.

Their photography beautifully encapsulates the joy, the tears, and the laughs shared on the special day. Dee and Kris’ work is more than a collection of images; it’s a treasure trove of memories, frozen in time with care and love.

Suited in Style: Embracing Elegance with The Black Tux

For his monumental day, the groom donned attire from The Black Tux. Each piece from The Black Tux exudes an air of sophistication, effortlessly combining classic elegance with contemporary style.

Opting for a modern suit, the groom showcased a look that was both polished and striking. The Black Tux provided an ensemble that not only mirrored the importance of the day but also reflected the personal style and confidence of the groom himself.

With its streamlined design and impeccable fit, the attire from The Black Tux stood out in the best way possible, making the groom shine amidst the celebration of love and commitment.

Sacred Vows: Father De La Cruz at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church

St. Anthony’s Catholic Church provided an elegant and sacred space where Father Lito De La Cruz masterfully officiated the ceremony. With profound wisdom and a warm smile, he guided the couple through their vows, making the experience deeply personal and spiritual.

The church, with its serene and majestic ambiance, offered a perfect setting for the couple’s momentous day. Within the hallowed walls of St. Anthony’s, love and devotion were celebrated under the watchful and kind gaze of Father Lito De La Cruz.

With Father Lito De La Cruz at the helm, the ceremony at St. Anthony’s was not only a testament to the couple’s love but also a reflection of their shared faith and commitment to each other, witnessed by family, friends, and the divine.

Taber Ranch: Vintage Charm and Timeless Romance

After the ceremony, guests moved to Taber Ranch. The couple greeted them with a spectacular entrance in a venue-provided vintage car. This stylish, nostalgic moment was unforgettable. It set the tone for a unique and delightful reception.

Crafting Ambiance with Antiques

Sarah Driver is the in-house coordinator at Taber Ranch. She carefully crafted a romantic ambiance. Rustic, antique pieces were used. Settees spoke of bygone elegance. Curio shelves were full of charm. Wagons carried tales of yesteryears. Each element was selected thoughtfully. They offered guests an immersive experience. It was a setting where vintage met romance.

Celebrating in Style

At Taber Ranch, every detail received careful attention. From the grand entrance to the chosen antique décor, everything was on point. Consequently, guests didn’t just observe the couple’s love celebration; they felt it deeply. Thus, the evening embodied joy, love, and timeless elegance.

Blossoms of Beauty: Discovering Sustainable Elegance

Something Borrowed Blooms graced the event with stunning silk flower arrangements. These faux blossoms, far from ordinary, mirrored the elegance of real flowers seamlessly.

Offering a unique service, Something Borrowed Blooms specializes in flower rentals. This sustainable choice not only adds a touch of conscious living to the celebration but also ensures that the floral arrangements look pristine and beautiful throughout the event.

With Something Borrowed Blooms, renting exquisite silk flowers is hassle-free. Post-celebration, the process to return them is straightforward, making the experience as delightful and memorable as the blooms themselves.

Award-Winning Excellence: Farm-To-Table Catering

Farm-To-Table Catering in Sacramento is celebrated for its award-winning service. This renowned provider is recognized for specializing in farm-to-fork catering, ensuring each dish is not only delightful to the taste buds but also a vision of culinary art.

Their food offerings, while delicious, bring forth more than just taste. Each plate crafted by Farm-To-Table Catering is a spectacle, elegantly adorned with fresh flowers to introduce an essence of rustic opulence to the dining experience.

With the careful arrangement of delightful edibles and fresh florals, Farm-To-Table Catering successfully creates plates that are visual masterpieces, encapsulating the beauty and flavor of fresh, local produce in every bite.

Sweet Indulgence: The Artistry of Zest Fresh Bakery West

For the special occasion, Zest Fresh Bakery West meticulously crafted a fabulous two-tier cake. While simple, the stunning cake boasted whispers of greenery, subtly and beautifully adorning each layer.

In addition to the main cake, Zest Fresh Bakery West expertly presented guests with elegantly frosted cupcakes. These visually appealing treats not only delighted the eyes but also offered an unmatched taste, providing a delightful dance of flavors savored with each bite.

Each enticing cupcake, elegantly displayed, perched on sophisticated stands that surrounded the central cake. This thoughtful arrangement created a visual feast, seamlessly mirroring the delectable experience that only Zest Fresh Bakery West could bring to the celebration table.

Unstoppable Beats: Energizing the Night with DJ Eli Freshmode

DJ Eli Freshmode instantly set the celebratory atmosphere, perfectly crafting the soundtrack for the couple’s enchanting first dance. With finesse and understanding of the moment’s significance, the music began, and the magic unfolded.

As the night progressed, so did the intensity and joy in the music. DJ Eli Freshmode seamlessly transitioned from one song to the next, keeping the dance floor alive and the guests energized, embodying the perfect musical host for an unforgettable evening.

With an uncanny ability to read the room, DJ Eli Freshmode maintained a vibrant and inviting atmosphere from start to finish, ensuring every beat, every note contributed to a night of unbridled joy and celebration.

Congratulations, Jenaé and Clay!

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