A Fairytale Wedding at Monte Verde Inn

Larissa and Ellis had their dream wedding at the enchanting Monte Verde Inn. This venue offered a perfect setting for their celebration. Monte Verde Inn provided a magical backdrop for the wedding. Its historic charm created a romantic atmosphere. With the help of vendors such as Ambience Floral, Divine Desserts By Aguirre, and SJs Disc Jockey, the day was perfect. Consequently, every guest felt the love in the air.

Unique Bridal Beauty: Larissa’s DIY Hair and Makeup

Larissa decided to create her own bridal look. She wanted her personal and unique style to shine through for her big day. This choice allowed her to showcase her creativity.

Using her skills, Larissa crafted a stunning half up-do of dark cascading curls highlighted with bejeweled clips and flowers. She also applied her makeup with precision. Her look was both elegant and personal..

Floral Elegance: Ambience Floral’s Stunning Creations

Ambience Floral infused the wedding with magic. Larissa and Ellis expressed delight at the stunning creations. The floral arrangements, in vibrant red, blue, and white hues, captivated guests and complemented the color scheme perfectly. Because of this, the venue exuded elegance with Ambience Floral’s blooms, enchanting every corner. The couple and guests remained captivated by the floral beauty throughout the celebration.

Beautiful Moments: Dee and Kris Photography

Dee and Kris Photography excel at creating beautiful portraits. They captured special moments like Larissa’s First Look with her father. This touching moment was beautifully preserved.

Furthermore, the quality of their work impressed everyone. Every detail, from smiles to tears, was perfectly shot. Dee and Kris Photography delivered stunning images. Consequently, the couple has memories to cherish forever.

A Heartfelt Touch: Officiant Larissa’s Grandma Karen

Officiating the ceremony is Larissa’s Grandma Karen who brought a special touch to the wedding. Her presence added warmth and love to the occasion.

Larissa and Ellis cherished having a family member officiate their wedding. Grandma Karen shared personal anecdotes and blessings. Additionally, her words resonated deeply with the couple and guests. Consequently, the ceremony felt intimate and meaningful.

Historic Charm: Monte Verde Inn Wedding Venue

Monte Verde Inn stands as a testament to history. This charming venue exudes timeless elegance and romantic allure. Larissa and Ellis were drawn to experts at this venue for their special day.

The all-inclusive packages the beautiful venue offered were a significant factor in their decision. Larissa and Ellis appreciated the convenience and ease of planning. Additionally, the venue’s reputation for exceptional service and attention to detail sealed the deal. Consequently, they knew their wedding would be in good hands at Monte Verde Inn.

Sweet Delights: Divine Deserts’ Delectable Offerings

Divine Deserts played a sweet role in Larissa and Ellis’ wedding. Their delectable treats delighted the guests and couple alike.

The wedding cake, a lovely two-tier drip cake, stole the show. With naked frosting and adorned with fresh flowers, it was stunning. Additionally, Divine Deserts provided a variety of other mouthwatering desserts. Consequently, the sweet treats added joy to the celebration.

Music and Fun: SJ’s Disc Jockey Lights Up the Dance Floor

SJ’s Disc Jockey brought the party to life at Larissa and Ellis’ wedding. Their music selection kept everyone dancing all night.

The DJ played all the hits, ensuring guests had a blast on the dance floor. Additionally, key moments like the first dance were made memorable by SJ’s Disc Jockey. Consequently, the entertainment provided by SJ’s Disc Jockey was a highlight of the celebration.

Congratulations, Larissa and Ellis!



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