Discovering the Charm of Forest House Lodge

Enchanting Vistas

Perched in Foresthill, CA, Forest House Lodge beckons. It boasts panoramic mountain views. Grand Sierra Point, especially, offers a breathtaking spectacle. Here, the mountains kiss the sky. Every ceremony enjoys a serene backdrop.

Capturing Beauty: Dee and Kris Photography

Enter Dee and Kris Photography. They see beauty everywhere. Specifically, at the Forest House Lodge. Every rich and rustic corner serves their lens. They transform ordinary spots into magical frames. Thus, wedding details come alive. Couples relive their moments. And photos? They speak stories.

A Perfect Match

Together, Forest House and Dee and Kris make magic. They blend nature’s elegance with photography’s craft. The result? Timeless memories. So, for couples seeking picturesque perfection, this combo never disappoints.

Experiencing the Magic of All Dolled Up

Masters at Their Craft

In the beauty world, All Dolled Up shines. Years of expertise back them. Every bride is their canvas. Confidence blooms after their touch. And Melissa? She’s a testament.

Subtle Elegance: Baby’s Breath Headband

Melissa wore a headband of baby’s breath atop her loose elegant ponytail style designed by All Dolled Up, it was regal. It graced her head like a crown. Moreover, it added a fairy-tale touch. Simply, she looked ethereal.

Natural Beauty Enhanced

Less is more for them. For Melissa, they chose light natural makeup. Every feature got highlighted. Her beauty, already radiant, was amplified. In essence, they celebrated her natural charm.

Unveiling the Artistry of Katie Petriovich at Forest House Lodge

A Designer’s Touch

Katie Petriovich is a talent. At Forest House Lodge, she crafts magic. Every event becomes special. Clients adore her. Her designs? They speak volumes.

Rustic Charm: The Ceremony Arbor

Katie introduced a rustic ceremony arbor that encircled the bride and groom. Moreover, it merged love and nature. As vows were exchanged, it framed them beautifully. In that moment, the beauty of love and nature became one.

Crafting Memories

Katie’s work at Forest House Lodge is more than just event design. It’s about crafting memories. Every detail, big or small, gets her touch. And the result? A day to remember.

Experience the Solemnity with Rev. Ronald Beams

A Revered Presence

Rev. Ronald Beams is more than an officiant. He embodies grace. Each ceremony feels sacred. His words resonate. Couples and guests alike feel the depth.

The Ceremony’s Heartbeat

At a recent wedding, Rev. Ronald Beams stood center-stage. With every utterance, emotions flowed. Vows became more than words. They felt like promises destined to last forever. Indeed, he has the gift to make ceremonies unforgettable.

More Than Words

With Rev. Ronald Beams, ceremonies transform. From mere rituals to heartfelt exchanges. He understands the union’s sanctity. And he ensures every attendee feels it.

The Floral Magic of Auburn Blooms

Creators of Aesthetics

Auburn Blooms understands weddings. They know the power of flowers. Each bloom carries a message. Together, they transform spaces. And in this wedding? They outdid themselves.

Nature’s Palette: Flowers That Speak

Sunflowers stood tall, radiating joy. Peonies added a soft touch, embodying romance. White roses, symbols of pure love, adorned tables. And the sprig of floral grapevine? It weaved a rustic charm throughout. Each element, handpicked by Auburn Blooms, told a love story.

A Symphony in Blooms

With Auburn Blooms, flowers aren’t just decorations. They’re expressions. They capture emotions. And most importantly, they enhance the wedding’s very soul.

The Mesmerizing Mezzanine at Forest House Lodge

A Venue Transformed

The Mezzanine at Forest House Lodge always impresses. But that night? It was magical. Gold chargers on tables gleamed. Floating candles cast enchanting glows. Together, they created an ambiance of elegance and warmth.

Glint and Glow: Details that Dazzled

With each flicker, the room sparkled. Floating candles illuminated the gold chargers. Every table had them. The effect? A shimmering dance of light. It was a feast for the eyes.

Katie Petriovich’s Golden Touch

Behind this glow was Katie Petriovich. Her vision transformed the Mezzanine. The combination of candles and gold was her genius. And with her touch, Forest House Lodge became a realm of dreamy elegance.

A Sweet Stunner

More than Just a Space

The venue did wonders. Besides offering a beautiful setting, they provided the cake. A 3-tiered marvel, it stood tall and tempting.

Artistry in Every Layer

White cake layers tempted every eye. Piped sunflowers added a rustic touch. Their yellow and brown hues contrasted brilliantly with the pristine white. Every detail showcased the baker’s skill.

A Touch of Nostalgia

Atop the cake? Pepe Le Pew and Penelope. These iconic characters added whimsy. They elicited chuckles and nostalgia. For many, it was a delightful blast from the past.

The Seamless Dance of High Country Productions

Capturing Timeless Moments

High Country Productions excels in their craft. Every wedding detail? Preserved on film. Every cherished moment? Captured for eternity.

The Dance Behind the Camera

As the couple swayed, cameras rolled. The first dance was a magical moment. And behind the scenes, another dance took place. Videographers from High Country Productions and Dee and Kris moved in harmony. Each step, each motion, choreographed. Not a shot was obstructed. True professionals, they worked in sync.

The Significance of Synergy

The bond between photographers and vendors? Crucial. High Country Productions knows this. Seamless collaboration ensures the perfect wedding. Every moment is captured. No memory is left unrecorded. When vendors unite, weddings become masterpieces.

Electrifying Beats by S-K-A Entertainment

Setting the Tone

S-K-A Entertainment knows how to party. From the moment they took over, the energy soared. Their playlist? Nothing short of electrifying.

Dance Floor Magnetism

Guests couldn’t resist. Young or old, everyone danced. The beats pulled them in. The rhythms kept them swaying. With S-K-A Entertainment’s expertise, the dance floor was never empty.

Masters of the Groove

What’s their secret? S-K-A Entertainment understands their audience. They read the room. They adjust, pivot, and deliver. The result? A night of unstoppable fun and memories.

Congratulations, Melissa and Bob!

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