A Love Story Blossoms

Payton and Tim’s love story blossomed into a beautiful wedding celebration. They chose Scribner Bend Vineyard as their perfect venue. Payton and Tim fell in love with the scenic beauty of the vineyard. The romantic vineyard wedding venue was ideal for their special day.

The breathtaking views and charming atmosphere at Scribner Bend Vineyard made their wedding unforgettable. Additionally, the vineyard’s unique charm added a magical touch to every moment. Consequently, Payton and Tim’s celebration at Scribner Bend Vineyard became a cherished memory for all who attended.

Artful Captures: Dee and Kris Photography

Dee and Kris Photography captured every special moment of Payton and Tim’s wedding. They have an eye for beauty and detail. Each photo became a piece of art, highlighting the couple’s unique love story. Additionally, their candid style showcased genuine emotions throughout the day.

Payton and Tim’s joy was evident in every photo. Dee and Kris Photography’s skills brought these emotions to life beautifully. Their professional approach ensured every shot was perfect. Consequently, the couple will treasure these photos forever. To see more of their work, visit Dee and Kris Photography.

Crafting the Perfect Backdrop: Jessica Dressel at Scribner Bend Vineyard

Jessica Dressel, Scribner Bend’s in-house Coordinator, meticulously crafted the perfect backdrop for Payton and Tim’s wedding day. The vineyard’s natural charm was further enhanced by Jessica’s skilled eye for decorating using elements of fall such as pumpkins and lanterns, creating a picturesque setting.

Jess, working with Scribner Bend Vineyard, coordinated every detail flawlessly. Her expertise ensured that every aspect of Payton and Tim’s celebration flowed seamlessly. Additionally, Jessica’s dedication to creating a memorable event made the day truly unforgettable. The couple and their guests were enchanted by the vineyard’s ambiance and attention to detail.

Culinary Excellence: Scribner Bend’s Partnership with Paesano’s Catering

Scribner Bend has partnered with Sacramento’s famous Paesano’s as their in-house caterer, ensuring gourmet perfection for weddings. Paesano’s Catering provided gourmet meals that delighted all guests at Payton and Tim’s reception. The delicious dishes, from appetizers to desserts, were a highlight of the evening.

Guests savored every bite thanks to Paesano’s Catering’s dedication to culinary excellence. Additionally, their attention to detail ensured everyone left the celebration satisfied and impressed. Paesano’s Catering’s commitment to quality elevated Payton and Tim’s wedding reception to an unforgettable culinary experience.

Energizing the Celebration: Beat Fleet DJs

After the intimate and heartfelt ceremony, Beat Fleet DJs ignited the dance floor. Their music selection entertained guests throughout the night. Special moments, such as the first dance, became unforgettable memories.

Beat Fleet DJs ensured the party continued with high energy. Additionally, their dynamic approach kept everyone engaged and dancing. Consequently, Payton and Tim’s wedding reception was a joyous celebration thanks to Beat Fleet DJs.

Congratulations, Payton and Tim!



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