Life During the Pandemic

Covid-19 may have driven us into the bunkers of our homes, but that doesn’t mean that the world has ceased to move forward.  Every day strange and amazing things happen along with the ordinary, and a few brave photographers have put their lives at risk to document our covid existence.  But things don’t have to be extraordinary to be the stuff of photos.

Because we are living through a once-in-a-century event and because that event has largely isolated us from social connection, friends, family, and work, now may be a crucial time to record our everyday lives through photos!  In fact, notable photographers, such as David Puente, have taken to the streets to capture a series of photos they are calling “porchtraitures,” photos of average people taken on the steps of their homes.  You, too, can be a part of this documentary of the covid crisis by hiring a photographer to take shots of your life during the pandemic.

What Do Covid Photographs Offer? 

Photographs may seem unnecessary when you spend most of your time at home feeling like every day is just the same thing played over, but perhaps that’s one reason why you need documentation.  We live lives isolated from our loved ones, and one way to connect, particularly to the more vulnerable and increasingly cut-off segment of our population such as grandparents, those secluded in nursing homes, and those who have contracted covid, is to take photos of our everyday lives and share them.

Many of us are moving through those significant rites of passage in our lives, weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries, without the ability to celebrate them face to face or in the traditional fashion.  Photos thus become a way of reaching out to those closest to us to share the moment.  And, by doing so, we commemorate the moment in a way that makes it more special to the celebrant.

Furthermore, because this is such an unusual event, having photos taken is a way to document your personal experience of the covid crisis.  Eventually, this will clear and we will reunite with those we care about.  Photos then can be a way to express what the experience was like as we again sit down with family and friends to work through what happened.

Finally, what seems everyday to you may be unusual to others.  Some people are working in their homes sewing masks for care workers.  Others are singing on the front lawns of the elderly who feel isolated from the world.  Some of us are taking on projects, such as painting or building fences, while others are seeking self-improvement through online language classes, cooking demonstrations, and dance studios.  Photographs of our daily lives remind us that life goes on in its rich diversity even if it’s behind closed doors.

But Is It Safe?

Photographers recognize public fears of the virus and are taking every measure to keep both themselves and their subjects safe.  Photographers are wearing masks, using long range lenses to maintain safe distance, washing their hands regularly, and meticulously cleaning all their equipment as steps to ensure they don’t transmit the virus from one location to another.  For posed photographs, they are resorting to using only verbal instructions or gestures rather than touching subjects to get them into proper position.

In short, having a photographer come to your home is no different than asking a contractor to do work in your house, and is perhaps even safer because the photographer can do much of their work outdoors.  And should you prefer a posed studio session, you can be sure that the photographer will be sure to provide a disinfected environment by asking what steps they have taken to keep you safe.

Get Back to Life Through Photos

With cases on the rise in most states, now is probably not the time to physically reimmerse yourself in the world, but you can rejoin life by having photos made and sharing them with those you care about.  Whether you take posed photos in a studio setting to send to family or have candid snaps made as you enjoy those home activities that keep you going, you’ll be glad you have a record of how you spent these strange days.

Dee and Kris can’t wait to help you capture these once in a life time moments as we all navigate life during the pandemic. Contact us today to find out more about our portrait sessions.



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