5 Tips for Reducing Stress for the Type A Bride

It’s no secret that 50% of Dee and Kris is super type-A. Yep, we’re talking about your perfectly organized, timeline-driven – Kristina. This attracts many type-A brides and grooms who want a photographer who is going to stay on top of your timeline, handle difficult family confrontations, make sure your hair is on point for your romance session, AND capture beautiful and authentic moments of your wedding day.

Here are 5 tips from Kristina to help the Type A Bride or Groom reduce stress:

1. Hire Professionals!

Having a well-meaning friend offer to help out with your wedding is always a penny saver and well received. If they are in the wedding business then it is even better, but be careful what you are willing to relinquish to nonprofessionals. This is a BIG day and you are spending a lot of time and money. There are many areas where a pro is needed as they do this for a living, they can be counted on to follow through, and they will foresee issues that you and your family/friends won’t think of since you don’t get married every weekend (but we do!)

2. Delegate

Don’t be afraid to pass off small tasks to those who offer. If you have a DIY project make it a party. Ask your bridal party to come over and glue, write, and mail. That is what they are there for. If you aren’t strong in an area then let someone who is strong in that arena take the reigns. Just follow through to ensure it has been done, but allow people to help you. It may not be exactly how you would have done it, but that isn’t always a bad thing.

3. Write it Down

As things pop into your head, write it down. Most of the stress brides and grooms face is trying to remember everything. Keep a small notebook by your bed and when you wake up in the middle of the night you can jot in your worries, concerns, and things you have to remember. This will free up your brain to go back to sleep and stay rested.

4. Make Deadlines

Waiting until the last minute is very stressful. Write down all your projects and then make a deadline as to when it needs to be done. Even if you are a year or more away from the big day, get it done early. It is always the last minute projects that I find stress out couples. Things that are DIY, or just could have been done months ago that you assume will only take a few hours, end up taking a few days. Get it done early and have fun with the process instead of stressing.

5. Lists & Boxes

This goes hand in hand with “write it down” & “deadlines”. As you get closer to your big day you will start to accumulate a bunch of “stuff”. From centerpieces to items from Etsy, from seating charts to runners. Amazon will be delivering around the clock. Buy a few plastic bins from your local Target/Walmart and label them: reception, ceremony, bride prep, groom prop, centerpieces, etc. The number of boxes will depend on the amount of “stuff”  you have to pack. On each bin tape a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be in that bin. I mean everything. For example: Ceremony bin –  unity candles (3), lighter for candles, cover for the table they sit on, aisle runner, stakes to hold the runner at the back of the aisle, fans for guests, little bubble containers.  As you think of more items to add to the list then just write it on that bin.
As items start to arrive you add them to their designated box. That way you don’t have to hunt around for where you stashed them over the last few months. Before you leave for your wedding you then check off EVERYTHING that is on each bin to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Now each bin is delivered to where it needs to go. So the bridal prep bin will go with the bride and so on and so forth.

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