Nicole and Jean chose the sprawling meadows of Redwood Canyon Golf Club for their wedding because of the secluded serenity. The Castro Valley venue sits nestled among the trees, tucked away from the world.

Nicole was primped and pampered with hair and make-up exquisitely done by Dorthy at Pouf Hair Studio.

Two color images: left image of bridal gown hanging in window. Right image of Bride holding a mirror to check hair.

Nicole shined like a diamond in her beautiful beaded sheath gown and veil.

Two color images: Left image of Bride in gown and veil smiling at camera. Right image over the shoulder shot of bride's reflection in full length mirror.

The flower girl spinned and twirled in her dress that made her feel just like a princess.

Two color images: Top image of flower girl twirling in her dress. Bottom image of Ring Bearer holding "ring security" case.

Ring Security took his job very seriously and protected the asset the whole time.

Once the bride was ready, they hopped into the stretch party bus for selfies and heartfelt toasts.

Two color images: left image of bridesmaid holding glass of champagne while seated in a limousine. Right image of Bride and bridesmaids in limo holding up glasses in a toast.
Two black and white images: left image of groom straightening his tie. Right image of groom's party behind a pool table holding cue sticks.

Jean thoughtfully gifted his wedding party these personalized pool cues, and this bar was an excellent choice for them to get ready in, have a toast to settle the nerves, and play a game of pool.

Two color images: left image of personalized cue sticks against the green pool table for Groom's party. Right image of groom with Groom's party playing pool.

A little nervous grin before the groom dons his customized face mask. Face masks definitely became a sign of the times for 2020/2021 weddings.

Two color images: left image of groom smiling in front of pool table. Right image of Groom wearing a mask that says "groom" in front of pool table.

I’ll Stand By You

There are friends, there is family, and then there are the friends that become family.

One black and white image and four color images: Left top image is black and white of groom posing with grooms party in a triangular formation. Bottom left image of Bride with bridal party posing in a line. Top Right image of bride and groom kissing while flanked by wedding party. Middle right image of entire wedding party looking at camera. Bottom right image of entire wedding party standing on bridge in various fun poses.

Counting Down the Days

Sandra, the coordinator with Wedgewood Weddings, added personal touches to make the venue perfect for Nicole and Jean. These sweet blocks counted down the days for the couple. A heart-shaped rustic wood sign welcomed guests at the beginning of the wedding aisle.

Three color images of wedding details: left image of wedding countdown blocks. Top right image of venue seating and wedding altar. Bottom right image of heart-shaped wooden seating sign leaning against chairs.

The bridesmaids and groom made their way down the aisle, followed by the two twirling flower girls tossing petals into the air and along the path for the bride to glide across.

Three color images: Top left image of bridesmaids walking toward aisle. Top right image of couple coming down the aisle. Bottom image of flower girl tossing rose petals.

The ring bearer looks on, awestruck at the bride’s beauty. As she makes her way down the aisle, Jean looks at her with joy and amazement and anticipation of their future together.

Three images: Top left color image of ring bearer looking back at camera with bride and father coming down the aisle. Top right color image of bride and her father walking down the aisle. Bottom black and white image groom looking tearful as bride walk down the aisle with her father.
Three color images: Left image of groom looking back at camera with his finger pressed to his lips. Top right image of groom with officiant smiling. Bottom right image of bridesmaids.
Two color images: left image of bride facing groom with groom's back to the camera. Right image of Groom facing bride with bride's back to the camera.

The couple exchanged their vows as guests wiped away tears.

Single black and white image of guests watching ceremony.

With these rings (and these laughs), they became husband and wife.

Three color images: Top left image of groom taking ring from security case held by best man. Top right image of bride and groom facing each other in laughter. Bottom image of Bride and Groom in recessional being showered by confetti by guests.

The new Mr. and Mrs. walked back down the aisle through a shower of confetti and cheers. Arm in arm, they walked to the creek bridge as husband and wife. Next to the bridge sat a giant marquee sign of the word “LOVE” designed and created by Sweet Little Details. Love was the theme of the day.

Two color images: Left image of newlyweds standing on bridge in distance. Right image of groom holding bride from behind as they laugh.

Date Jars offer an excellent way for the couple to have fresh new date night ideas for the first year of their marriage. Guests write their best date ideas on craft sticks, and for the next 12 months, the couple will always have fun new suggestions.

Two color images of wedding details: left image of crafts sticks with the words "date night printed on them alongside pens. Right image of box with the words "date jar" for guests to put sticks into.

The warm, rustic colors paired with the fairy lights and candles were perfect for this late October wedding.

Three color images: Top left of table with candles and setting. Top right close-up of table setting. Bottom image of sweetheart's table with floral arch behind it.

During cocktail hour, guests gathered and posed for pictures while Nico Perez gave an impressive live performance on his ukulele and sang.

Five color images of guests in various poses.
Three color images: left image of giant connect four game. Middle image of man singing while playing ukelele. Right image of kababs.

In Love and Light

As the evening began to ramp up, the DJs at iMobile DJs set the tone for the evening. First, with the couple’s dance as new husband and wife giant sparklers illuminated the joy on their faces.

Two color images: top image of POV view from behind wine glasses watching bride and groom dance. Bottom image full shot bride and groom dancing with pyrotechnics on either side.

And as the couple danced with their parents.

Two color images: left image of father/daughter dance. Right image of mother/son dance.

And then, as everyone danced their booties off all night long.

Seven color images of guests dancing at reception.

The cake created by Nothing Bundt Cakes was the center of attention as it sat in the center of the double ring cake stand adorned with a floral arrangement provided by Dana’s Event Boutique and Florist. They also provided the other floral arrangements and bouquets for the wedding.

Two color images: left image of wedding cake encircled by a decorated hoop. right image of bride and groom in a kiss after cake cutting.

To cap off the evening, guests piled into the photo booth for keepsakes that would show the fun that was had forever.

Six color images of guests posing in photo booth.

Congratulations, Nicole and Jean!

Single color image of bride and groom walking away from camera with one arm each raised in the air and other arms together.



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