Ako & Jeramie married at the Center of the Amazing Hall inside San Francisco City Hall. We had the pleasure of meeting Jermaine about 5 years ago at his sisters wedding which we photographed in the South Bay. This was exciting to see two cultures come together to form a love story like know other. Jeramie told me it was love at first sight and he knew Ako was the one for him.  He spotted her tending bar at his local weekend hang-out and had to  get this know this beautiful flower named Ako. Their courtship was a love story that we all dream about when we know the one we want to marry is standing right in front of us. Plans were in motion and they contacted us to  photograph their nuptuals on the court house steps inside City Hall. It was a very busy day as the tourist were out and about photographing all the sexy details of city hall. A few stumbled into the Ceremony not knowing what was taking place. The happy couple just smiled and as nothing could ruin their special day. Happiness is just Happiness when you think about it. We were so honored to be apart of such a joyous occasion and can’t wait to see their next journey unfold in Japan. 



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