We can not get over the view! Thanks to their private residence, this epic rooftop location was the perfect backdrop for their San Francisco Skyline engagement session.

Cristina and Frank are preparing to tie the knot at St. Peter & Paul Church in November so we wanted to share their story and their gorgeous engagement photos.

These San Francisco natives met in 2018 at Cristina’s Godfather’s retirement party, Frank was celebrating the retirement of one of his Sergeants. Thanks to the Italian Athletic Club‘s yummy cosmos and a few glasses of wines, Cristina and Frank ended up attending an after party at Gino & Carlo. Even at their first party together, Cristina was protective of Frank. Quickly shielding him from Cristina’s curious mother. Soon they connected over all things Disney and how they both hate how San Franciscans pronounce the street Greenwich… It’s “Gren-itch”!

Two weeks later, Frank finally asked Cristina out for their official first date. The night ended with a goodbye kiss that turned into a ring and soon, they’ll be husband and wife. We wish them best and hope they continue to watch all the sunsets together over the San Francisco skyline.

We are obsessed with their adorable Mickey and Minnie wine glasses, we had to find some for ourselves! Check out these similar ones on Etsy.

As the couple continues to plan their wedding for this November, we asked them what the best part of wedding planning was. Cristina writes:

My hobby is planning. When I get stressed out, I plan something; anything I can get my hands on. I feel like I’ve been in training for this moment my whole life. Frank is excited for the wedding. While of course I am too, I think I’ve been dreaming about the planning process. It’s one giant puzzle to figure out all of the pieces to create one amazingly special day. But to be more specific, I am probably most excited to do the seating chart. It seems like an extreme jigsaw puzzle that will drive me nuts, but be so fun at the same time. Frank is most excited for the party aspect. He loves to have a good time, so he’s excited to figure out things like photo booths, cocktails, food & all the fun stuff people will remember.



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