Captivating Cottage Wedding

Kari and Phil’s wedding day was a heartfelt celebration of love that was a quirky and unique as they are. The quaint Scotts Valley cottage provided a cozy setting for the couple’s intimate ceremony. Consequently, the familiarity of the location enhanced the special moments shared between the couple since it is Kari’s family home.

The vendors at the wedding added their personal touch, creating a seamless experience. Kari’s DIY hair and makeup, Little Green Cyclo catering, and a curated Spotify playlist set the stage. Additionally, A Twist of Lime Bartending offered refreshing cocktails, while Trader Joe’s lava cakes delighted guests with their sweetness.

Dee and Kris Photography Capture Love and Joy

Dee and Kris Photography captured the essence of Kari and Phil’s wedding day with incredible skill. Their lens preserved every moment with love and precision. Additionally, their talent highlighted the couple’s emotions, from laughter to tears of joy.

As Kari and Phil got dressed together in front of the Scotts Valley Home’s bay windows, Dee and Kris Photography was there. They captured the couple’s excitement and anticipation. Consequently, these moments became cherished memories, beautifully documented for the couple to relive.

The playful nature of the First Look was evident in Dee and Kris’s photos. Kari and Phil giggled and grinned at each other, sharing a sweet and joyful moment. Furthermore, their photography showcased the couple’s deep connection and fun personalities.

In summary, Dee and Kris Photography created stunning visuals that showcased Kari and Phil’s love story. If you want to see more of their work, visit Dee and Kris Photography’s website. Please share your thoughts on the couple’s wedding or your own experiences in the comments below.

The Best Decorations are Done From the Heart

The bride’s stepmom excelled at organizing and decorating the wedding. She handled every detail with grace and care. Additionally, her creative touch brought the vision to life, making the event truly special.

The floral arrangements were a highlight of the day. The bride’s stepmom designed stunning displays with vibrant colors and unique textures. Furthermore, these arrangements added elegance and charm to the entire celebration.

Every aspect of the wedding benefited from the stepmom’s attention to detail. She balanced beauty and functionality, creating a seamless experience. Consequently, guests were impressed and delighted by her work.

In summary, the bride’s stepmom played a key role in making the wedding perfect. Share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Craft Cocktails and Bartending with A Twist of Lime Bartending

A Twist of Lime Bartending crafted a custom drink menu for Kari and Phil’s wedding. Their signature cocktails delighted guests throughout the night. Additionally, the bartenders created unique drinks that perfectly complemented the wedding’s style.

The professional bartenders added a touch of elegance to the event. Their expert service ensured everyone enjoyed the drinks. Furthermore, their attention to detail made each drink a memorable experience.

In summary, A Twist of Lime Bartending provided top-notch service and delicious cocktails. Check out A Twist of Lime Bartending’s Instagram to see their work. Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Delicious Wedding Cuisine: Little Green Cyclo Catering

Little Green Cyclo Catering served Asian fusion cuisine at the wedding. Guests enjoyed the food truck’s creative and tasty dishes. Furthermore, the menu offered unique flavors that delighted everyone.

The food truck provided a memorable culinary experience. Additionally, Little Green Cyclo Catering’s service was efficient and friendly. To learn more about them, visit Little Green Cyclo’s website.

I Lava You: Guests Are Treated With Trader Joe’s Lava Cakes

Trader Joe’s lava cakes ended the meal on a sweet note. Guests loved their rich, molten chocolate centers. Consequently, the lava cakes left everyone satisfied and smiling.

These desserts were the perfect finish to a delicious dinner. Moreover, they added a touch of indulgence to the event. In conclusion, share your thoughts on these desserts in the comments below!

Personalized Playlists Set the Perfect Mood

Kari and Phil played their own playlist during dinner. The couple curated the songs themselves. Consequently, the mood was personal and intimate. Guests enjoyed the special touch of the couple’s musical choices.

The playlist kept the guests entertained. People grooved and danced to the music. Additionally, the songs added a fun, lively vibe to the event. The couple’s playlist made the evening unique and memorable.

In summary, the couple’s personal playlist set the perfect mood. What are your thoughts on using personalized playlists at weddings? Share your experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Congratulations, Kari and Phil!



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