Candace and Javier’s special day at Scribner Bend Vineyards was a dream come true. Located near Sacramento, this venue offered the perfect backdrop for their wedding. They knew early on that picking the right vendors was key to their perfect day. From photographers to caterers, every choice was crucial. As a result, their celebration was as seamless as it was beautiful. Additionally, the role of Scribner Bend Vineyards in providing a picturesque setting cannot be overstated. Furthermore, the careful selection of vendors ensured that every moment was captured, every dish was delightful, and every decoration was on point. Consequently, Candace and Javier’s wedding was not just an event; it was a masterpiece of planning and love. Now, let’s dive deeper into how each vendor contributed to making their day unforgettable at Scribner Bend Vineyards.

The Charm of Scribner Bend Vineyards

Candace and Javier chose Scribner Bend Vineyards for their special day. This place stands out among vineyard wedding venues in Sacramento. Its beauty is unmatched, making it perfect for an outdoor wedding. Scribner Bend offers picturesque views that add to the romance. Furthermore, its location is ideal for those dreaming of a vineyard setting.

Additionally, the venue’s outdoor spaces are perfect for saying “I do.” The vineyards create a stunning backdrop, especially at sunset. Consequently, Scribner Bend Vineyards has become a top choice for couples. It combines natural beauty with excellent service, ensuring a memorable day. Their commitment to creating perfect weddings shows in every detail.

Dee and Kris Photography: Capturing the Love

Dee and Kris Photography stands out in the world of wedding photography. They are more than just photographers; they capture moments. Their skill turns even the smallest details into stunning visuals. This talent makes them sought-after professional photographers in Sacramento. Each snapshot tells a story, filled with emotion and beauty.

Furthermore, their approach to candid wedding photography is unparalleled. Dee and Kris have a knack for catching the unguarded, joyful moments that many miss. These moments become memories that last a lifetime. Consequently, their work not only documents a day but also encapsulates the essence of the celebration. Choosing them means ensuring your wedding photos will be as lively and love-filled as the day itself.

The Beauty of Love

Rosa Mariona-Gomez: Bridal Makeup Artist

Rosa Mariona-Gomez transforms brides with her artistry. She knows how important natural wedding makeup is. For Candace, Rosa took her natural beauty and enhanced it. She skillfully highlighted her features, making Candace glow. Her talent as a wedding makeup artist is unmatched. Candace’s look was the epitome of bridal beauty. Rosa’s work shows her ability to personalize each look. Consequently, she stands out for her unique approach to bridal makeup.

Aryss Pernell: Crafting the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

Aryss Pernell knows the latest in bridal hairstyles. For Candace, she chose soft curls and waves, a trend that added elegance. Her work as a bridal hair stylist in Sacramento speaks volumes. Aryss’s skills in creating elegant wedding hairstyles were evident. She tailored Candace’s hairstyle to complement her overall look perfectly. Additionally, Aryss’s dedication to her craft ensures every bride looks stunning on her big day. Her ability to enhance a bride’s natural beauty is what makes her exceptional.

Pups + Petals: Blooming Love

Pups + Petals truly understand the power of flowers at a wedding. Their arrangements bring life to any venue. With their beautiful floral designs. they create scenes that tell stories. Their expertise in selecting the perfect wedding flowers ensures each event is memorable. Flowers are not just decorations; they are expressions of joy and love.

Furthermore, Pups + Petals makes every space enchanting. Their work at Candace and Javier’s wedding was no exception. The beauty they added was breathtaking. Additionally, their choice of flowers perfectly matched the couple’s style. Consequently, they are a top choice for anyone looking for exceptional floral design in Sacramento. Their creations always leave a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.

Making the Day Run Smoothly

Mosco Floras: Transforming Spaces

Mosco Floras knows how to make a wedding space unique. Using innate skills to bring Candace and Javier’s story to life. By incorporating photographs of the couple and elements of Javier’s heritage, they created a personal touch. Beautiful white papel picado hung over the sweetheart’s table, adding a special touch. This approach transformed the venue into their own personal paradise. It made the ambiance intimate and unique to the couple. Furthermore, their attention to detail showed in every corner. Consequently, Mosco Floras proves that decor is key to making wedding memories last.

Valerie Claxton: Behind the Scenes

A wedding coordinator like Valerie Claxton is vital. Her role as a wedding planner ensures a smooth day. Valerie’s personalized wedding coordination brought Candace and Javier’s vision to life. She managed every detail, big and small. Additionally, her expertise relieved the couple of stress. Consequently, Valerie’s coordination made the wedding seamless. Her work allowed the couple and their guests to enjoy every moment. Valerie’s dedication is a reminder of the importance of having a skilled coordinator behind the scenes.

Pastor Bobby Spencer: A Personal Touch

Pastor Bobby Spencer from Bear Creek Community Church makes weddings heartfelt. His ceremonies are deeply personal. He understands the couple’s story, adding a unique touch. Furthermore, his spiritual wedding services blend tradition with personal beliefs. This approach creates a memorable ceremony for everyone. Pastor Bobby’s words resonate, making the day even more special.

Additionally, his presence brings a calming effect. His experience and warmth put couples at ease. Consequently, ceremonies under Pastor Bobby’s guidance feel genuine and uplifting. He ensures the couple’s values are front and center. Through his work, Pastor Bobby Spencer exemplifies the importance of a personalized touch in wedding ceremonies.

Gloria Bernal: Sweetening the Day

Gloria Bernal crafts more than just cakes. Her custom wedding cakes are works of art. Each cake tells a story, personal to the couple. For Candace and Javier, she created a masterpiece. The two-tier beauty reflected their tastes and wedding theme perfectly. Luxuriously decorated with gold flakes and large white roses, it exuded elegance and flavor. Additionally, her attention to detail is impeccable. Consequently, Gloria’s cakes become a highlight of any celebration. They add a special sweetness to the day.

Paesanos Catering & Special Events: A Taste of Excellence

Quality catering turns a wedding from good to unforgettable. Paesanos Catering & Special Events understands this well. Their gourmet wedding catering services offer a variety of exquisite dishes. The fact that they are Scribner Bend’s in-house caterer is an added benefit. Special event catering by Paesanos means delicious food and impeccable service. Furthermore, their professionalism makes planning stress-free. Consequently, their contribution is crucial to the success of the event. Paesanos Catering ensures every guest leaves satisfied, making the wedding a memorable feast.

Aria Event Services: Setting the Stage

Aria Event Services knows the power of good lighting and sound. These elements are crucial for any wedding. Their wedding lighting and sound services create the perfect mood. Additionally, Aria makes sure every word and note is clear. Their expertise brings weddings to life. Furthermore, Aria focuses on the details that matter. They understand how lighting and sound set the wedding’s tone. Consequently, their work ensures memorable experiences. Aria’s commitment to quality makes them a top choice in Sacramento. Their services are key to a successful wedding day.

Every vendor played a vital role in making Candace and Javier’s wedding unforgettable. Scribner Bend Vineyards set a picturesque scene, creating a perfect backdrop. Dee and Kris Photography captured every heartfelt moment, preserving memories for a lifetime. Rosa Mariona-Gomez and Aryss Pernell enhanced Candace’s natural beauty, making her feel like a true bride. Pups + Petals and Mosco Floras decorated the venue with stunning floral arrangements and personalized decor, adding warmth and personality. Pastor Bobby Spencer from Bear Creek Community Church gave a touching ceremony, adding spiritual significance. Valerie Claxton coordinated the day flawlessly, ensuring everything ran smoothly. Paesanos Catering & Special Events delighted guests with exquisite dishes, while Gloria Bernal’s custom cake was not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. Aria Event Services set the stage with impeccable lighting and sound, elevating the atmosphere. Additionally, each vendor’s unique touch contributed significantly, making the day not just beautiful but meaningful. Consequently, Candace and Javier’s wedding was a testament to love, meticulously crafted by the hands of dedicated professionals.

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Congratulations, Candace and Javier!

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