Technology is EVERYWHERE. It is awesome to have a built-in camera on our phone to be able to let everyone know what you are doing as you are doing it. Being plugged in has its perks, but during a wedding, we are hoping guests will be plugged into the moment. That they will be watching you walk down the aisle with their eyes and not through the screen of their cell phone. We understand they are excited and want to get pictures, and we are ok with that, however, it is a bummer when the only thing you see is cell phone backs vs your loved one’s faces. We like to photograph your parents as they watch you get married and when they have a phone or camera in front of their face we lose that moment. They WILL get pictures of you during the reception with their devices, and they will get our professional images in high res, we just encourage you to encourage them to enjoy your wedding and not their technology.   California Private Estate Wedding Photographer,Heirloom Wedding Photos,Ione California Wedding Photographer,Ione Wedding Venues,Private Estate Wedding Photographer,San Francisco Wedding Venue,

Here are 5 Reasons why Dee and Kris Suggest an Unplugged Wedding:

  1. YOU HIRED A PHOTOGRAPHER: Let’s be honest, you spent a lot of money on a photographer and our pictures are going to be so much better than your mom’s iPhone shot! (We still love you, mom!) So kindly ask your mom and guests to enjoy the moment and be present with you by allowing us to do our job!
  2. AVOID GUESTS STANDING DURING THE CEREMONY: We all get excited to take the perfect photo on this special moment such as your ceremony. Hosting an unplugged wedding eliminates the urge your guests have to stand up, creating a distracting element during your ceremony and in your final official wedding pictures!
  3. YOUR GUESTS WILL BE ENGAGED WITH YOU: Without being distracted by capturing pictures or video on their phone, guests will be more interactive and listen closely to your vows that you have spent months preparing! This is your day and all eyes should be on you!
  4. YOUR PRIVACY WILL BE PROTECTED: When you have every single one of your guests snapping pictures and sharing them in real time, you have no control of what appears on social media and when. Your intimate ceremony could become public to people you hadn’t intended on sharing the moment with just yet. 
  5. THE NOISE IS SILENCED: Clicks, beeps, and dings, can be extremely distracting. Asking guests to silences and put away their phones prevent ringers from going off and unnecessary noises from occurring during this special time. 

Here is the verbiage you can use to encourage your guests to enjoy your wedding instead of being consumed behind a camera or cell phone or tablet. This is best read by the DJ or Officiant BEFORE the groom comes out, normally 3-5 minutes pre-wedding.

“Good evening family and friends. We will be starting the wedding of ____ & ____ in a few minutes and ask you to please silence your cell phones. The couple also requests the following:
“We want you to be able to really enjoy our wedding day, feeling truly present and in the moment with us. We’ve hired photographers who will be capturing the way the wedding looks — and we’re inviting each of you to sit back, relax, and just enjoy how the wedding feels. We’re respectfully asking that everyone consider leaving all cameras and cell phones off for the remainder of the ceremony. Of course, we will happy to share our wedding photos with you afterward!”

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We have one more suggestion to get our those most-take-a-picture-jitters! After the bride comes out, allow guests 30 seconds to a minute of selfie’s with the couple before beginning the ceremony. Allison and Pieter asked their friends and family to take out their phone and snap all the selfies and pictures they possibly could in 1 minute! Then after they captured their fun wedding pictures the couple asked everyone to put their phones away for the rest of the ceremony. This idea courtesy of Steve Schon at Function 45 DJs



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