A beautiful autumn wedding with Jazmine and Dane at the Vizcaya in Sacramento. The day was so romantic, with Jazmine and Dane seeing each other for the first time as they walked down the aisle surrounded by those they love most in the world. Check out their sole train money dance!!!!

Vizcaya photographers_0419.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0420.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0421.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0422.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0423.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0424.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0425.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0426.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0427.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0429.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0430.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0431.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0432.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0433.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0434.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0435.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0436.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0437.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0438.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0439.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0440.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0441.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0442.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0443.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0444.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0445.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0446.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0447.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0448.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0449.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0450.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0451.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0452.jpg
Vizcaya photographers_0453.jpg



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