Here at Dee and Kris, we take great pride in making high-quality heirloom wedding albums that are meant to be cherished for a lifetime by our clients. We use only the best printers to deliver the best products for you. Printed in New York, theses contemporary flush-mounted albums are designed to display your wedding in a way that is elegant and that will last a lifetime.

Our full wedding albums come in two sizes, 10″x13″ or 11″x14″ with an option for an acrylic cover and can hold up to 35 spreads. Every full-sized albums include personalized design time with our designer Justina! She will help you create a design with every picture you love to tell the story of your wedding day for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

Our acrylic cover is a must-have if you want to display your favorite image on the cover! The polished edge of the acrylic and the substantial feel of the cover give your wedding album a refined touch that is sure to create awe every time you show it off.
Wedding album by Dee and Kris Photography
All of our albums have lay-flat albums, which means that you can place an image across the crease line without interference with the image!
Grey wedding album with names embossed on lower right corner, Sacramento wedding photographers
For a more traditional album, we can have your names and wedding date embossed on the cover!

How To Protect Your Wedding Album for Years to Come

In order to keep your wedding album in the best condition possible, we’ve teamed up with our album printer to put together some information to help prevent any issues with your albums!

Tip 1: Lay your wedding album flat on it’s back

Laying your album flat (and preferably in its original box & pouch) is best for your album. Because our albums have heavier pages than standard books, they are at risk of sagging over time if you stand the book upright. This is due to a little thing called gravity… so please avoid standing the book upright! If you want to display your album, consider a stand that displays your album flat or open like this Taschen’s art bookstand.

Tip 2: Use the grey pouch!

The grey pouch that comes with your albums may not be the most attractive but it serves an important purpose! It protects you album from regular wear and tear when handling/viewing the album. Additionally, if you have a lighter color cover material, or opted to go with silk or linen cover, the black felt lining inside the boxes can sometimes rub off onto your album so never store your album without its pouch.

How to store a wedding album for long term

Tip 3: Keep your wedding album in a temperature controlled environment

There are many places to store your album that is cool, dry, and away from heat/sunlight. You can keep it on the bookshelf, on your coffee table or beneath it, in the closet, or even under the bed! Please just do not leave the album on the window sill, in the trunk of your car, or anywhere else that it can be exposed to extreme conditions.

Basic Cleaning and Album Care Tips

  • Use lint-free, dry cotton cloth to wipe or clean your album
  • Use a piece of scotch tape or a can of compressed air to remove dust particles, specks, and other types of marks on the album
  • Never use water or liquids to clean the cover or the pages of the album. If there is an accident, there may be a possibility to fix the cover so please reach out before trying anything rash



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