Let’s get real, the most delicious part of your wedding day are those sweet sweet bites of dessert after becoming Mr. and Mrs. The traditional concept of a large white wedding cake will always be a classic but more and more we are seeing brides and grooms opt for a smaller wedding cake and more of their favorite desserts to share with their friends and family. This includes donuts, fruit tarts, pies, homemade cookies, macaroons, and more! With this growing dessert bar concept, it’s giving couples an endless amount of options for that personal touch at the end of the night!

Donut Bar

Starting off with my favorite dessert, the donut. From the maple bar to the jelly-filled and everything in between the donut is an underrated dessert. Donuts were one of the most popular dessert tends of 2019 and we can’t wait to see them even more in 2020!

Wedding donut bar with small cake, wedding mirror sign

Pie Bar

A pie bar is the perfect addition to a fall wedding. Mini individual pies make it easy for guests to grab their favorite flavor! If you want to add variety, add a selection of cookies to the table to give another layer of deliciousness to your reception!

Mini pies from Katie and Ryan’s wedding were created by Freeport Bakery
Wedding cake alternatives, wedding pie, cookie bar
Pie provided by Gizditch Ranch


Macarons are the perfect sweet treat for easy enjoyment and the beautiful colors of the french cookie make it easy to coordinate with your wedding theme! This couple opted for 4 different flavors for their guests to enjoy after cutting the cake! Fruity Pebbles Macaron??? Uh. Yes, please!

Wedding Macaroons
Tiffany and Brendin’s Maracons were provided by Love and Macarons


A croquembouche is a towering confection of vanilla pastry cream drizzled with caramel, typically considered a “French Wedding Cake.” This is a fun dessert that will have all your guests gushing over its extravagance.

Jennifer and Julian opted for a cake and croquembouche created by Gerhard Michler

Boba Tea Bar

Katria and Ronald came up with a unique idea to bring one of their favorite drinks to their wedding. After dinner they unveiled their Boba Tea bar which was a huge hit with their guests!

Ice Cream Cart

Another hugely popular dessert option with the guests was Leo and Lauren’s ice cream cart provided by Rich’s Ice Cream Catering. Rich’s team pushed their ice cream cart right up to the dance floor and allowed guests to grab a scoop or a cone and continue right on dancing! We still talk about this yummy treat!

Variety Dessert Bar

Why decide on one dessert when you can have them ALL? Ask your local bakery for packages on a variety of desserts so that you can provide all your favorites for your family and friends!

This large variety of wedding desserts were created by Freeport Bakery, one of Sacramento’s Best Bakeries. Read more about why we love Freeport on our BLOG
Wedding dessert bar with no cake, wedding fruit tarts, and cake in a mug
This Park Winters Wedding couple chose Ettore’s Bakery and Cafe for their wedding dessert! This bakery is known for their delicious cakes but to top it all off they provide tons of options that are equally as delicious!
Wedding dessert bar by The Hidden Table
This Old Sugar Mill Wedding couple had a variety of cupcakes, fruit tarts, and cookies for their guests! The Hidden Table not only created these gorgeous desserts but they also provided the wedding meal! Bonus, The Hidden Table is a Farm to Fork caterer!



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