It’s traditional for the bride and groom to have a guest book for their family and friends to sign and wish the happy couple well. But, if the classic guest sign-in book is just not your style we’ve gathered 10 super fun and unique wedding guest book ideas that will wow your guests!

1. A Custom Themed Wedding Guest Book to Match Your Wedding

Brie-Anne and Louie are huge comic book fans (Avenger’s themed wedding anyone???) so they created this beautiful book for their guests to sign and wish them well. This is such a fun idea for any themed wedding, start with a basic blank book, grab some mod podge and DIY to create a one of a kind and Unique Wedding Guest Book!

Disney fans are going to swoon over this “Our Adventure Book” inspired by the movie UP. Guests can recommend adventures and trips you should take as a couple or write letters of encouragement for your future endeavors!

2. A Polaroid Selfie Snap

Instax Cameras quickly became super popular at weddings because guests can quickly snap a photo of themselves at your wedding and share a special note for the bride and groom to cherish for a long time! Small polaroid cameras are affordable and make for a fun keepsake! Our brides and grooms have chosen to put their guest polaroids in a guest book with space for family and friends to write a note, or take it from Jane and Wesley who built a beautiful frame with clothespins to display all their guest pictures on the wall!

Create a special space dedicated for guests to take their selfie for their sign-in, for even more fun set up a backdrop and leave out fun photo props for your guests to get silly!

3. A Time Capsule

What better place to get marriage advice than from the people around you who love you the most?! Set out a special location and a sign asking your guests to wish you well and offer advice and send messages for your first anniversary!

Wedding Message in a Bottle: Take it one step further like Kristina and Mike and ask your guests to leave a message and advice for your 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, and 25th wedding anniversaries!

4. A Guest Quilt

Our very our designer, Justina, and her husband decided to ask guests to sign and send love on a quilt square! Then after their wedding, they took all the squares and put together a beautiful wedding memory quilt. Want to create a wedding quilt too? We recommend JiggyBits Custom Sewing, chat one on one with Irene to determine your square size based on how many guests you will have an how big you want your quilt!

5. A Guest Bench

At Alyssa and Alex’s Scribner Bend Wedding, they asked their guests to sign a guest bench instead of a sign-in book. This unique idea is perfect for a couple who wants to cherish the love of their family and friends in a piece of decor they can see every day! After weather sealing the signatures and messages, they have a keepsake that can be enjoyed indoors and out!

Wedding bench for guests to sign and send well wishes to bride and groom, unique wedding sign in ideas

6. A Heart Drop Frame

Another fun idea to create a new piece of home decor from your wedding guests is to ask family and friends to sign a heart and drop it in the frame. At the end of your wedding, you’ll have a frame filled with love from the people who matter the most.

Add a fun seasonal twist on the heart frame by using a different shape! Rylee and Andy got married in September so they used a frame drop with leaves!

7. A Guest Map

All of our traveling couples are going to LOVE this idea. Brittany and Marshall had a destination themed wedding and as their sign-in book alternative, they asked their family and friends to sign their map with travel tips and recommendations for places to visit!

8. A Wine Barrel Lid Plaque

Another great idea to display words of love in your home (Do you see a pattern here?) is a wine barrel lid turned into a wooden plaque with your new last name or a family crest for guests to sign around. This is perfect for the couple who is getting married at a winery like our wedding couple Jessica and Ben! You can find a similar one on Etsy.

9. Home Plate Sign in

If you’re a baseball-loving couple, you might love Erin and Trenton‘s home plate and baseball bat sign-in book alternative that they asked guests to write their “autographs” on!

Baseball themed wedding, guest book alternatives, guest autographs on home plate and baseball bat

10. Bible Guest Book

If religion plays an important role in your marriage, a fun and unique guest sign-in book is right there in the Bible. This couple found a copy of the Bible with space for notes in the margins and asked guests to highlight their favorite Bible verse and sign their name.

11. Video Testimonial Guest Book

This 2020 addition is one that we hope continues as a new trend! A video testimonial guest book is the perfect way to create a personal keepsake that you’ll be able to watch over and over! Set up a photo booth with a backdrop and a phone and encourage guests to record a short video message to the bride and groom! Or, as guests prior to your wedding to send well wishes so you can watch it at your reception!

BONUS: A Classic Dee and Kris Engagement Book

For the more traditional route with a twist, create an engagement sign-in book from your engagement session! Our beautiful engagement sign-in books are 12″x12″ with lay-flat pages (for easy signing) and feature your favorite pictures from your engagement session! In between your pictures we can customize pages for your guests to sign and send words of wisdom. We love asking guests, “Give us some date night ideas…” or “What’s your one tip to keeping our love fresh every day…” This allows guests to direct their messages and words of wisdom quickly and easily. And it’s totally fun to hear everyone’s ideas! This wedding guest book is a classic yet tells your love story! Book your engagement session HERE

Dee and Kris Photography Engagement session, engagement sign-in book, Wedding guest book
Dee and Kris Photography Engagement session, engagement sign-in book, Wedding guest book

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