It’s no secret that your wedding shoes are almost (but not quite) as important as your wedding dress and we usually think of two things when deciding on shoes. First, appearance, definitely very important but also not as important as comfort. Think about it, you’re going to be wearing this pair of shoes for 8 or more hours. You’re going to be standing, dancing your butt off, and having a fabulous time. You don’t want your shoes to give you any pain!

Here are a few tips for picking the perfect pair of shoes to compliment your wedding!

Wedding Shoes, how to choose the right wedding shoes, black and white wedding photography

First and Foremost: Be Comfortable!

If you plan to wear the same shoes all day long you’re in for more than 8 hours on your feet so remember to think about your comfort for the day. Try them on in the store, walk around in them and make sure they fit properly and comfortably. You’ll want to be fully present on your day, and sore feet can pull you away from having the best day ever!

You also don’t need to wear one pair of shoes all day long! Many brides choose their favorite heels for the ceremony and pictures and then change to a more comfortable shoe later in the evening for dancing! 

Buy your shoes AFTER your wedding dress, but BEFORE your dress fittings.

Your shoes should complement the style and formality of your wedding dress and you’ll have a much easier time finding shoes to match your dress rather than a dress to match your shoes!

It’s possible your dress will need to be altered. Bringing your shoes to your fitting gives you the opportunity to see how your dress hangs at that particular heel height and how the shoes compliment the dress. You seamstress can also make sure that your dress is hemmed to the proper length.

Wedding Shoes, how to choose the right wedding shoes

Consider Your Venue and Photoshoot Location

When shoe shopping you’ll want to keep in mind the location of your wedding and any venue restrictions on heels. Does your venue have lots of stairs, gravel walkways, or lots of grass? You’ll want to choose sturdy shoes that can handle this kind of terrain. If you’re worried your heels might “sink” into the ground, check out these GoGoHeel STOPPERS to prevent your heels from sinking into the grass.

Also, keep an eye on the weather. If it might rain a few days before your wedding there is a possibility there could be mud or puddles so some styles might not be the best idea. 

Some venues, such as golf courses have restrictions on wearing heels in certain areas. If you plan to use these “No Heel” areas please be respectful and choose or bring a pair of flats. 

Break them in!

You need to wear your shoes for a bit before your wedding day to break them in. Walk around in them around the house to loosen them up beforehand. Wearing brand new shoes on your wedding day can lead to unexpected consequences even if you think you found a pair that are perfectly comfortable.

You do YOU!

If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, then don’t! Shoes should match your personality, and if you’re a country girl then go for your favorite boots! Want to go for hip and comfortable feel? Choose cute sneakers that match your wedding colors! 

Wedding Shoes, how to choose the right wedding shoes



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