Are you lucky enough to have a family member or friend willing to perform your wedding ceremony? This is such a cool way to go! These weddings are often extremely personal, meaningful and fun. Here are 7 Tips that will help “First Timers” when they perform your wedding so it does off without a hitch!

  1. They need to be legally ordained in the State you will be married
  2. Do a practice ceremony to get out all the nerves and kinks
  3. Let them know what you want them to wear, they don’t need to wear anything specific but they will be in ALL your ceremony pictures so they need to be dressed appropriately for your specific ceremony
  4. Ensure they know how to fill out the marriage license, if they have any questions have them all your county clerk well before the wedding
  5. Figure out who will send in the marriage license after the wedding
  6. Remind them to write “YOU MAY NOW BE SEATED” – This seems pretty straight forward but it happens more than you think and people will NOT sit unless directed
  7. Ask them to move out of the way for the first kiss
  8. Our best piece of advice: USE WEDWORDY!

One of the hardest part for a friend who’s officiating is writing the ceremony, but we have the BEST app that will do 99% of the work for you!

Wedwordy is an app designed by Northern California’s biggest names in weddings: Jennifer and Rick Tan. This premier app is for anyone who wants to design their own custom script for their wedding without the hassle of trying to compose it alone. We all know how difficult it is to compose the writing for the ceremony, just use Wedwordy!!

Try the wedwordy app TUTORIAL

A little about the creators: Rick & Jennifer Tan

We are the co-founders of Wedwordy. We are also co-owners of Tan Weddings & Events and Syrendell. We met as undergrad students at UC Davis, where we fell in love and married on campus. We have four children, (ages 22, 20, 15, and 7) and live in Davis, CA. We have a variety of hats! In addition to full family life, we are wedding planners, officiants, artists, musicians, and teachers! Our interests are sparked by a desire for creative expression and sharing that passion with others. No wonder we love weddings!

What services do you offer?

Through Wedwordy, we are a resource for couples worldwide who are composing their wedding ceremony words. As officiants and owners of Wedwordy, we can customize our couples’ ceremonies in app. As Tan Weddings & Events, we are officiants, planners, designers, and musicians (Rick plays harp and piano, Jennifer plays flute).
Who is Wedwordy for?
The Wedwordy client is an engaged couple who wants the freedom to compose their own wedding ceremony words, or have their officiant compose it for them/with them. Our clients want both convenience and customization. Being comfortable doing much of their online wedding research and planning, the client is tech-savvy and is often between 25 – 39 years old.

Rick & Jennifer’s Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Wedding Ceremony:

1) Translate “Perfect” to “Meaningful” – the perfect wedding ceremony is one that holds your truth, your genuine love, expressed as your heartfelt words of commitment, in short, it must be meaningful to the both of you
2) Define your Truth – do a little soul-searching as a couple and ask yourselves what are the foundations of your relationship, what is your shared personality, what promises are top of your list
3) Acknowledge the Importance of Family – after putting yourselves at the center, the next layer to the ceremony is the expectations of a family – will you bring in your faiths, culture, family traditions to honor the continuum of love and support
4) Secure Your Officiant – friend or pro, get them on board in the early stages. The advantage to a pro officiant: they work seamlessly with the other vendors of your wedding, they know the official stuff, like managing the license paperwork, they can deliver a brilliantly beautiful wedding ceremony, and your friend can instead relax and enjoy the party
5) Use Wedwordy to Compose Your Wedding Ceremony Script – it truly is the easiest and most effective way of creating a fully customized, complete, and readily formatted wedding ceremony script for wedding day that allows you to make it meaningful, share your truth, incorporate words and rituals of your family faith/culture/expectations, and your officiant will be thankful

How do we get started and where can I purchase the app?

Simply go to the website > click on “Compose My Ceremony” > choose a Username and Password > securely purchase the app at $9.99 (half the cost of a boutonniere!) > get started by selecting a Template > have fun arranging ceremony elements, choosing/editing over 90 passages, or importing original content > save your document when done editing > share/print for wedding day!

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