New Venue On the BLOC

Shayla stood in the large brick-walled room that served as the bridal dressing room at BLOC Venue. With open spaces of brick and concrete and gorgeous light streaming through the large windows. this venue is a dream. The large venue was a perfect canvas for creating a beautiful wedding.

Two images: Left image of bride looking at bouquet while standing just in front of brick wall. Right image of groom looking at camera in split light of window to his right.

Shayla wore an ivory off-the-shoulder mermaid style gown with lace overlay that looked ethereal on her. Anthony looked suave in his blue suit jacket paired with a yellow bow tie.

Three images: Top left image of rings stacked on each other with bokehed light in background. Bottom left image of personalized wooden hanger hooked on round chandelier and bustier of wedding gown. Right image of full gown hanging from chandelier.

These bedazzled ivory Chuck Taylors highlighted the bride’s unique style. With the date and her new last name on the back they’re a great keepsake. These shoes were made for dancing!

Three images of bedazzled converse shoes. from different perspectives.

Makeup Artist Gierra Jones helped enhance Shayla’s glow as her bridesmaids got her dress ready. Shayla stepped into the gown and giggled with happiness as her friends buttoned her into it.

Five images: Top left image of bride in her robe after makeup application. Top middle image of bridesmaids helping bride into dress. Top right image of bride laughing as bridesmaids button her dress. Bottom left black and white image of bridesmaid buttoning dress. Bottom right image of bridesmaid putting on bride's earring.

Every detail, from the invitations, to the jewelry, to the sweet beaded sandals the bride wore was perfect.

Two images: Top color image layflat set up of wedding details. Bottom black and white image of bride's shoes on her feet.
Two images: Left image of bride standing in front of large window as bridesmaids help put her shoes on. Right image of bride standing alone looking down and to the left in front of large window.

Daddy’s Girl

Shayla stood behind her father, waiting for him to turn around and see his baby girl in her gown. Unquestionably, this moment brought on all the emotions as they welled up with tears.

Two images: Top color image of father turning to see bride in her dress. Bottom black and white image of bride tearfully smiling as father sees her for the first time.
Two images: Top image of bride toasting with bridesmaids. Bottom image of Groom getting dressed with their two sons.

Absolute Awesomeness

Anthony got ready in the lounge along with their two sons, Aubrey and Riley. The three men looked positively stunning in their bow ties.

Three images: Top left image of Groom's suit coat hanging from chandelier in window light. Bottom left layflat image of Groom's details. Right image of Groom buttoning his suit coat and smiling.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite moments is The First Look session. Intimate and special, these moments give the bride and groom a chance to connect before the ceremony to just be together.

Three images: Top left image of bride approaching groom from behind for first look. Bottom left image of groom turned to see bride for the first look. Right image full length of bride and groom holding each other in window light with chandelier above them.
Three images: Left image of bride standing alone in shadow with beam of window light falling on her and chandelier above her. Top right image of Groom looking into camera holding suit jacket with youngest son standing behind him. Bottom right image of bride and groom against brick wall holding each other.
Two images: Left image of boutonnieres lined up. Right image of groom straightening his rose and grass boutonniere.

Fantastic Flora

BLOC Venue is a coordinator’s dream because of its open room design. These beautiful empty open spaces enabled talented event planners at Events By Ev and the floral artists at NC Event Designs to create designs to match the couple’s vision of their day.

Four images: Tope left image of hoop and flower centerpiece. Top center image of tablescape with flowers and candles. Top right image of flower and dried grass centerpiece. Bottom image of wedding altar decorated with lights, flowers, and candles.

The venue was flocked in truly breathtaking arrangements of red and white roses with dried pampas grass, fairy lights, and floating candles. Not only did this compliment the season, but also provided an air of romance that added to the love in the room.

Obviously, Anthony felt suave as he and his best man strolled in in GQ style. As they gave each other a handshake and a salute, they both strutted the aisle with ease and style…and a smile.

Three images: Top left image of Groom and best man saluting each other. Top right image of groom and best man walking down the aisle. Bottom image of groom standing at altar hugging ring bearer son with preacher and groomsmen looking on.

Anthony beamed as he watched his bride walk toward him on her father’s arm.

Three images: Top left image of Groom with groomsmen smiling. Top right image of Father and bride starting processional. Bottom image of groom watching bride walk toward him down the aisle.

In view of family and friends, underneath the glowing market lights, Anthony and Shayla said, “I do.”

Single pulled back image of ceremony and guests from rear of venue.
Three images: Top two images of bejeweled broom for Jumping the Broom ceremony. Bottom image of bride and groom jumping the broom.

Candlelight and You

Following the emotional ceremony, the chairs and tables were moved into place so the celebration could begin. Beneath the warm light of the wrought iron chandelier, the burgundy table settings and the beautiful centerpieces looked rich and elegant.

Five images: Top left pullback image of full venue during ceremony. Top right image of hoop and floral centerpiece. Bottom left image of venue switched to reception. Bottom center point of view image of table settings. Bottom right image of venue from other side perspective.

In addition to the flowers and candles, the reception had a fun Instagram station and, of course, a bar. The talented Shimmer and Stain created these modern signs for guests to follow.

Three images: Tope left image of sign for Instagram photos with couple's hashtag. Bottom left image of memorial table with pictures of loved ones. Right image of seating sign,
Four images: Tope left image of signature drink sign. Bottom left image of ice bucket filled with Stella Rosa wine. Top right image of drink menu. Bottom right image of bar and bartender.

Couples today are opting for less traditional guest books that they can display in their homes forever. Shayla and Anthony went with this unique sign board that guests happily signed.

Single image of personalized sign in board with guest signatures written on it.

Glamorous and Gorgeous

BLOC Venue’s lounge area provided a glamorous feel to an already gorgeous group. Naturally, Dee and Kris took full advantage of the richness of the brick wall and leather couches in contrast to the amazing natural light from the large windows.

Single black and white image of wedding party standing in lounge seating area with large window, chandelier, brick wall, arched mirror and couch seating.

Shayla and Anthony along with their “I Do Crew” looked flawless in their fitted jackets and off-the-shoulder dresses paired with fur shoulder stoles.

Three images: Top image of Groom and groomsmen sitting in various poses on couch int front of brick wall. Center image of personalized projected light sign. Bottom image of bride and bridesmaids huddled together holding bouquets.
Single image of bride and groom in lounge area with large window, brick wall, chandelier, mirror and couch seating with son looking on.

Life Is A Party! Dress For It.

Without a Doubt, the incomparable DJs at Beat Fleets DJs know how to get a party started. The couple danced their way in to greet their guests and set the tone for the night.

Two images: Top image of bride and groom making their grand entrance. Bottom image of bride and groom dancing under market lights.

Accordingly, as the toasts flowed, so did the tears.

Three images of carious guests making toasts.

Unquestionably the finest tacos in Northern California, Chando’s Tacos provided the feast for the evening.

Single image of Chando's Tacos vendor making food for reception.

Following their first dance, the couple enjoyed a little smooch before cutting into their modernly elegant two-tiered cake created for them by the artists at Freeport Bakery.

Two images: Left image of two-tiered wedding cake decorated with white icing ad roses. Right image of couple kissing in front of cake.

Along with the cake, the couple also offered a dessert bar for their guests to enjoy.

Four images of various desserts on dessert bar cart.

Wardrobe Remix

What’s a fashionable wedding without at least one wardrobe change? Not only did Shayla change into her fun Converse to dance, but she also changed into a completely new and just as stunning dress.

Five images of guests and couple dancing.

And the party raged on!

Single image of groom and groomsmen dancing.
Five images of guests dancing.

Congratulations, Shayla and Anthony!

Single image of couple seated on brown leather couch snuggled up to each other.



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