A Wedding Among the Redwoods

California is known for its magnificent redwood forests and sitting among these redwoods is The Mountain Terrace at Woodside. This venue is best known for its great lawn with its grove of beautiful redwood trees standing majestically behind it. This backdrop was the breathtaking scene for Angie and Angelo’s wedding.

The rows of wooden chairs sat lined up on the lawn, each adorned with white roses and baby’s breath, along with the wooden arch. The flowers that Virginia Ho of S and V Collections provided were simple and elegant.

Three images: Top left image of rows of guest seating. Top right image of twirling ribbon favor on seat. Bottom image of wedding arch and seating with redwood trees behind.
Three images: top left image of top half of beaded wedding gown. top right  image of personalized hanger. Bottom image of bride's rose pink strap sandals.

Angie’s beaded gown from BHLDN was an art deco masterpiece with a cinched waist and draped lace sleeves that hung on her perfectly. Her rose gold strap sandals showed through the elegant side split that ran alongside the column gown.

She looked like a beautiful starlet from 1920s Hollywood with her soft make-up by Lara Geronimo and romantic upswept hair by Linda Lealao.

Three images: Left image of bride smiling while holding bouquet. Center image of wedding gown hanging from trellis. Right image of bride looking at camera while walking away.
Two images: top image of details layflat spread showing shoes, veil, rings, jewelry and flowers. Bottom image close up of jewelry; necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

Mother and Daughter Moments

Angie’s mother helped her daughter by putting on her lovely vintage jewelry pieces. These moments will undoubtedly be the ones they remember. With this in mind, Dee and Kris took special care to capture each sweet kiss on the cheek.

Three images: top left image of mother of bride helping put bride's necklace on. Top right image of mother of bride zipping bride into gown. Bottom image of bride kissing her mother's cheek while mother looks at camera with a smile.
Three images: Top left image of bride smiling against a white wall while she puts earrings on. Top right black and white image of bride in shadow putting on her shoes. Bottom image of bride against white wall tucking hair behind her ear and smiling while looking down.

Weddings can be busy and crazy and hectic, and sometimes we can forget to do the little things. We forget to breathe; we forget to laugh, and, above all, we forget to enjoy it. Dee and Kris stole Angie away for a moment to reflect on these things as the sun shined through the window.

In addition to standing by her side, Angie’s bridesmaids also made her giggle with some playfulness and a cheeky little pinch.

Four images: Top left image of bridesmaids tossing gift bags into the air as bride looks on. Top right posed image of bridesmaids and pride holding bouquets. Bottom left image close-up of bouquets. Bottom right image of bridesmaids and bride laughing.

Strike A Pose

As Angie had fun with her bridesmaids, Angelo looked debauner in his sleek suit and tie. Angelo recently finished up his Internal Medicine internship at Cedars-Sinai and received his residency for Cardiology at Harbor-UCLA in Torrance, CA. Congratulations, Angelo!

Four images: Top right images of groom adjusting cufflinks. Top right image of groom adjusting tie while looking down.  Bottom left image of groom's watch. Bottom right image of groom with hand in pocket, smiling, and looking at camera.
One black and white image of groom in low light adjusting cufflinks.

A First Look In the Trees

A First Look session is a bit of time taken before the wedding for the bride and groom to see each other in an intimate moment with just them. It breaks from tradition; however, it offers unique and memorable images.

Angie and Angelo had their first look with each other hidden among the redwoods. It was quiet and secluded, and stunning. As Angie approached Angelo, he couldn’t help but smile in anticipation.

Three images: top black and white image of bride approaching groom from behind. Bottom left image of groom turning around to see his bride. Bottom right image of bride and groom looking back at camera walking through redwood trees,

He was not disappointed.

This view from The Mountain Terrace was awesome. The sun shone through the trees and onto the couple. As they walked, they had a perfect view of The City in the distance.

One image of bride and groom in silhouette groom kissing bride on forehead in sunlight with three in foreground.

Deck the Wedding Halls

This December wedding had perfect weather, beautifully lit by the setting sun. Angelo stepped out of the doorway from The Mountain Terrace’s Great Hall arm-in-arm with his parents onto the Giant Lawn. With festively flocked trees standing in the background, they marched down the aisle.

Two images top image of groom in processional arm in arm with mother and father. Bottom image of bride in processional arm in arm with mother and father.

Angie glided down the aisle on her parents’ arms to her groom-to-be. Angelo met them with a hug and a few happy tears as they reached the front.

One image of bride hugging her father and groom hugging mother of the bride.
Two images: Left image of bride smiling at groom as they hold hands. Right image of groom smiling at bride as he holds his heart.

Angelo held his heart as he took in Angie’s beauty and savored the moment thoroughly.

One image;: pullback image of bride and groom watched by guests standing in front of redwood trees.
Two black and white images: top image of bride reading her vows as she wipes away tears. Bottom image of groom reading vows as bride laughs.

Through laughter and tears, the couple said their vows to each other.

Five images: top image of bride laughing as she looks at groom and bridesmaids look on.  Middle left image of groom placing ring on bride's finger. Middle right image of first kiss. Bottom image of bride and groom in recessional smiling at guests.

In view of friends and family, they were pronounced married. Finally, they turned to their guests with smiles, and they greeted everyone as husband and wife. The couple walked back down the aisle to the fantastic sounds of Bay Area All Strings and Brass.

Three images: Top left image of violinist playing. Top right image of Violinist and cellist playing. Bottom image of violinist and cellist playing.

Then the party started! Who said wedding portraits couldn’t be fun? Not these folks! Clearly, they enjoy each other’s company as they danced, posed, and laughed through the portrait session.

Five images: Top left image of bride with groom and groomsmen dancing. Top right image of entire wedding party arm in arm walking toward camera. Center right image of bride and groom kissing while surrounded by wedding party. Bottom left image of groom posing ina line with groomsmen. Bottom right image of entire wedding party talking and laughing in a line.
Four images: top image of groom fixing his boutonniere. Bottom left image of groom smiling at camera. bottom middle image of bride and groom on ivy swing holding bouquet. Bottom right image of bride smiling at camera while holding bouquet.

Down to the Finest Detail

Along with the sheer beauty that The Mountain Terrace offers as a venue, they have also taken attention to detail seriously. Every detail was flawless, from this romantic ivy swing we were OBSESSED with to the market lighting over the redwood deck to the twinkle lights scattered throughout. In addition to this, quaint seating at a firepit and lawn games kept guests entertained.

Four images of venue games and seating; adirondack chairs around a firepit, cornhole games, and giant connect four game.
Three images: Top left image of bridesmaid and groomsmen dancing in grand entrance. Bottom left image of bride and groom dancing in grand entrance. Right image of wedding party dancing in a circle.

The gorgeous floral arrangements were created by S and V Collections. The exquisite floral garnished appetizers The Mountain House Terrace provided went perfectly with the beauty of the floral arrangements.

Five images of various floral details.

Kalinda Law, the bride’s cousin, lovingly provided the artistic signage throughout the event.

Five images of signage details.
Five images of guest sign-in book and selfie station.
Three images of guests.

Additionally, the table settings that the venue provided were so pretty. Done in the wedding colors of various shades of mint, everything looked amazing.

Three images of table settings.
Four images: Top left image of flocked fir trees of various sizes. Top Middle image of wine glasses shining in the light. Top right image image of drink menu. Bottom image of custom made neon sign personalized with couple's last name.

Ashley Wong Sweets created the delectable one-tier work of art cake. The cake topper featured the bride, the groom, and their beloved pitbull mix, Jazzy, in adorable clothespin form.

Two images: Left image pullback photo of entire cake. Right image close-up photo of cake topper; clothespin bride and groom with dog.
Four images: Tope left image of bride and groom cutting cake. Middle left image of cake on crystal cake stand. Bottom right image of couple feeding each other cake. Right image of couple kissing after feeding each other cake.

Dance the Night Away

Angie and Angelo glided along the dancefloor as the husband/wife team at DJ Jeremy Productions played their song.

One image of bride and groom dancing.
Two images of mother/son and father/daughter dances.

As the traditional dances finished, everyone joined the fun and the dancefloor filled up with lights,, laughter, and some seriously sick moves The party was on full throttle!

Two images of bride dancing with guests.
Two images of of bouquet toss.
Six images of guests dancing and laughing and taking photo booth images.

Congratulations, Angie and Angelo!

One image of bride and groom smiling at camera.



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