Bridal Veil Trends for 2019

Wearing a bridal veil is a long-standing tradition that is connected to a similar symbolic meaning as the bride wearing a white dress. While the history and meaning behind wearing a veil vary amongst religions and point in time, it’s most well-known meaning is to hide the bride’s face while walking down the aisle since some people believe it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before she arrives. But as the bad luck idea is fading away (hellooooo private first looks) the meaning of the veil is changing. Many brides wear the veil as a right of passage or because it’s part of the wedding appearance that they have always dreamed of. Some brides ditch the veil altogether, opting for a beautiful hairpiece or crown. Whatever reason you choose to wear a bridal veil (or not) is completely up to you!

From a photographer’s point of view, we LOVE the dreamy feel it gives to pictures. One of our “classic” Dee and Kris shots is the under the veil kiss shot! Or the soft elegant flow when the wind hits it, mad props to Kris for being the greatest veil swoosher of all time when there’s no wind!

Long wedding veil picture, long veil

So now that you decided you want a veil, at what point during your day do you put it on? When do you take it off? And most importantly, how do you keep it in place all day long?

After your hair artist finishes the final touches on your hair you’ll want to start prepping your veil, make sure you’ve removed it from its travel bag earlier in the day and steam if necessary. The best time to attach your veil is right before your hair artist leaves. You don’t want to be walking around a small room with all of your bridesmaids and risk the chance of someone stepping on it. With shorter veils, when hugging family and friends it can pull on your head and become awkward. Leaving it to the last minute before leaving the bridal suite is your best option. You’ll also want to coordinate with your photographer when you start your formal portraits to make sure it’s in place.

When should I take off my bridal veil? This is totally up to you, most brides like to leave it on for the family formals if they are taken after the ceremony but before the reception to prevent damage. Also, take into consideration the time of your romance/sunset session with Dee and Kris you’ll want to keep it on to allow them to capture those romantic and classic veil shots.

The most important question to ask about wearing a veil is how to attach your veil to allow it to stay in place all day through long wedding conditions? To answer this we’ve enlisted the help of one of the best hair artists in the Sacramento Region, Tina Romo!

Most traditional veils come with attached combs (or clips for a boho look), for easy placement. If you don’t have a comb attached, Tina Romo suggests using a metal comb-like this Metal Wire Hair Clip with 20 teeth. The metal combs grip better and slide out easier for when you’re ready to remove. The plastic combs can be more difficult to remove especially if there is a lot of teasing in the hair.

If you do sew on your own comb, be aware of the curve on the comb, the veil needs to go up and over the head of the comb, not just attached to the bottom.

The best ways to keep a veil in place are two bobby pins on each side. Tina recommends creating a little “teasing cushion” to slide the comb into and then one bobby pin on each side perpendicular to the comb. Always have someone watch your hair stylist putting it in so they can easily take it back out and know exactly where the pins are.

Black and White photography, country club wedding, mid length veil,
One of the most common veils amongst Dee and Kris brides is a mid length veil (sometimes called a fingertip veil or elbow veil). These are very classic veils and go with almost any dress.
Traditional wedding veil, blusher veil
Nicole chose a very classic and traditional look with an incredible Blusher Veil that covers her face with a light tulle as she walks towards the love of her life. See more of Nicole and Xere’s Wedding
Long wedding veil with lace details, sunset wedding pictures
A Chapel-length veil is usually a little longer than floor length and adds a lot of drama to your look. Jessica chose this long veil with lace detailing that flowed with the wind. Check out more from Jess and Ben’s Scribner Bend Wedding

Wedding Veil trends change ever so slightly over the years, but this is your day and the veil is a special choice the bride gets to make!

Your hair and veil go hand in hand on your wedding day, contact Sacramento’s best bridal hairstylist, Tina Romo, for incredible wedding day looks! You can visit her website here!



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