Floral Bridesmaid's dresses for an outdoor wedding

After asking your girl squad to be part of your special day comes one of the most fun decisions, what will they wear? With this question also comes the anxiety of the extra cost of bridesmaids dresses. No need to worry, the ladies from the Dee and Kris Studio have gathered some of our favorite places to get affordable bridesmaid dresses, most of these places have dresses under $100!

  • BHLDN – This is Kristina’s all-time favorite place to shop for bridal gowns, plus they have a large collection of dresses for your girls too!
  • LULUS – Their online shop always has tons of options for bridesmaids dresses, we’ve even seen dresses on sale for as low as $28! Seriously, you can’t beat that!
  • ASOS – This British company has a variety of everything from classic to unique bridesmaid’s dresses, they even offer maternity fitting dresses for your bridesmaid who is expecting!
  • ETSY – If you’re looking for a custom or unique bridesmaid’s dress, Etsy is the place to find it! While you’re looking for dresses you can also search for unique bridesmaid’s gifts!
Forest House Lodge Wedding pictures, mix and match pastel bridesmaid dresses
  • NORDSTROM – You’ll find a ton of classically beautiful bridesmaid’s dresses at Nordstrom, you’ll find most of their dresses are under $200!
  • AMAZON – Any Amazon Prime users here? Yea, us too. We use Amazon for everything and they have a great selection of bridesmaids dresses, and with 2-day shipping, you can quickly ship to all your bridesmaid’s no matter where they live!
royal blue bridesmaid dresses, different styles same color dresses

What’s next? You need to decide the style you want your bridesmaids to wear! While long dresses are very popular, are they better than short dresses?



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