Here at Dee and Kris, we want to capture your story in a way that you want to display on your wall or in an album. Our designer Justina has 7 reasons you should have tangible artwork in your home.

We capture your story, your truth, those moments you didn’t even know we caught in one click. You fall in love, feel the emotions of your I do’s, the warmth from your baby holding the tip of your finger, your dog kissing your nose. All of those emotions and feelings are brought back to you at that moment and you relive it all over again. That’s our mission and always has been. We pride ourselves on the quality of your images. So why would you want to print these precious moments at the drug store?

As your photographer, we know the importance of quality prints. For over 10 years we’ve been testing out different products and making sure we are using the very best companies to show off your artwork.

Wedding album by Dee and Kris Photography, print artwork for you home

DO IT FOR YOU, NOT THE “LIKES:” Social media is great for “likes” but what happens when the new wears off? Will you forget those precious moments? Why not have a quality piece of art in your home? Something you can draw strength from, be reminded to always move forward on your toughest days. Whether the artwork is above your bed, something you see every day that reminds you to tell yourself you’re beautiful or to remind you why you said I do. A collection that hangs in the hallway to remind you of your child’s carefree heart, or your fur baby’s soulful eyes. A portrait box to make you feel confident and excuse our language…badass! Maybe even gifting your parents a parent album of a big day in your life. Why stop there? Choose an acrylic album that opens to a whopping 28-inch lay-flat panorama of your gorgeous romance session to relive that incredible sunset? Look through all of the memories with your partner and laugh, cry, and choose them over and over again.

THE BEST OF THE BEST: When you print from home, there is no guarantee that your image will look exactly like the picture, QUALITY is one of the biggest issues we see. Have you ever ordered a bunch of prints through a retailer and held your breath while skimming the images only to find out half of them are pixelated while the rest are cut off on the sides and don’t even match the color of your original image? You probably know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. We’ve all done it at some point. Wasted money and time trying to figure out how to import your images at the kiosk and hoping customers walking by don’t see the other photos on your cell phone. It’s a time suck and very frustrating!

Wedding artwork, bride and groom canvas prints over fireplace

SKIP THE STRESS: Ordering through Dee and Kris is actually a fun experience! When you invest in an album and wall art, you get one on one time with our designer Justina to create a beautiful album that truly tells your story! Don’t stress about how everything will fit, she’s got you covered! Justina spends her time going through all your images and picks out the ones that capture your day, your best angles, and those captivating romance shots we all love! She carefully separates those images and fits them into different spreads and keeps everything organized.

CHOICES, CHOICES: We often get asked “What do you suggest?” when clients pick out images for their artwork. It can be a bit overwhelming to narrow down all your favorite memories into just a few choices that will live on your wall. We are here to help alleviate the pressure and find out why you chose those images in the first place and what is important for you to see on your wall every day. Pretty pictures are great but discussing the meaning behind your choice usually leads to the right decision.

Wedding Wall Art collection, tangible artwork

ACCESSIBILITY: Here at Dee and Kris, we have so many products to choose from! What’s your style? Albums, Parent album, Large Metal Prints, Canvas, Small Prints, Pano piece, vertical composite, acrylic composite, portrait box, Framed prints? So many beautiful pieces that can reflect your own personal style! We will go through all of the options at your personalized design consultation following the reveal of your wedding images.

DELIVERY: We will never and I mean NEVER deliver any products that are not mounted properly. We have everything delivered to our studio so we can personally check each and every item. If we are unhappy with anything, we immediately get your image re-printed at no cost to you. You should never have a worry about your products that are printed through our company. You deserve the very best and telling your story should be no less than flawless.

FAMILY: Once you work with the D&K team, you become part of our growing family! We put a lot of time and love into working with our clients and hope that you see the value in our work and know how much we care about you!

Dee and Kris Photography, photo box artwork with 8x10 prints

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