I had a chance to visit Burges this summer for 3.5 days whiles touring parts of France. It’s nice to see the culture and the endless supply of Chocolate. If you haven’t had real Belgium Chocolate you are truly missing

a mouth watering sensation like no other. The Canals of Bruges are more than breath taking and  at times reminded me a bit of Venice. The odd part about the country being a foreigner is the occasional  16yr olds having a pint

with their friends.I commend the country for this because the kids are responsible and they no when enough is enough and they aren’t hiding at someones house and making bad decisions. This I like and it makes sense to me. So with my trusty Canon in hand I snapped a few fun shots of my trip. I still have about 3 thousand or so photos to go thru, which is the fun part and I can’t wait to reflect on my trip. Plans are in the making for a return trip. So, yes if you asked me if I wanted to move to Belgium would I. YES in a heartbeat. Actually I would move to St Truiden! We toured the countryside by train and I enjoyed the school kids as they entertained us with their version of America’s hit songs.The country side is beautiful and quaint, and very very very bike friendly, and the people are friendly and kind. I miss it already.



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