Erin & Reyes are those old fashioned lovers we read about in romance novels and dream someday to find someone who completes the our circle. Erin loves watching her man fix cars as well as seeing him run around the baseball field in his uniform. Reyes has a passion for cars and wanted to bring his FastBack Mustang along for a little fun, and of course I didn’t say NO!  They are both big time baseball fans and to prove it just look at the color of Reyes Mustang Fastback. We started the first half at an amazing sport complex built by the city less than a year ago. The complex stretched about 5 acres if not more. We spotted a great location near several 1ton baseballs located under the canopy at the center of the complex. After a few warm up shots they were ready to go and have some fun. The sun began to set so we ventured over to Locke for some fun . For those who are unaware his is the WIKI Report on the small town.—>Locke (Chinese: 樂居), also known as Locke Historic District, is an unincorporated community in California‘s Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta built by Chinese immigrants during the early 20th century. It was originally named Lockeport after George Locke, who owned the land that the town was built upon at a time when Chinese people were not allowed to own land. Locke is located in the primarily agricultural region south ofSacramento, California, near State Route 160. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971 and further was designated aNational Historic Landmark District in 1990 due to its unique example of a historic Chinese American rural community.

As we were heading out the city Erin noticed a barn that fit her vision and so we pulled over, pulled out the strobes and created some amazing images. My job was easy at this point as the couple went to town during the evening shoot.

I can’t express this enough.-> Moments are created when a couple can just sit back and enjoy each other without looking at the camera. “My job is to document love not create it”.  Dee Robinson.

City of  Locke California.



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