Charming and Magical

Regina and Wes planned their wedding at Catta Verdera for October 2020, but the pandemic changed those plans. They settled for a sweet backyard micro-wedding instead. When the venue was able to reopen, Regina and Wes were able to have the wedding they had planned.

Catta Verdera means “magical green place.” With its rolling hills of green lawn and Spanish-style architecture, this venue lives up to its name. Regina and Wes chose this venue for that magic.

Single image of couple standing together in front of arched entrance,

Wes, an avid golfer, has played at Catta Verdera often, but on his and Regina’s day, the country club pulled out all the stops. The venue package offered everything a wedding could need. From catering to the elegant champagne wall to cake service, the couple was taken care of.

Two images: Top image of sign pointing towards ceremony with couple out of focus in the background. Bottom image of sweethearts table.

The professionals at Visual Impact Designs created elegant fall florals for this November wedding. Elegant arrays of dahlias, daisies, roses, and lilies in shades of orange, red, and white mingled with grasses and pumpkins to create a warm fall feeling.

Four images: Top left image of table setting. Center left image of bouquets in their vases lined up. Bottom left image of boutonniere, Right image close up of bride's bouquet.
Two images: Left POV image of lantern lining the aisle with wedding pergola out of focus. Right image of decorated wedding pergola.
Three images: Left image of memorial photos with sign. Left two images of handwritten welcome and guest book signs.

Wes’s daughter created handwritten signs for the wedding. Memorial photos added an emotional touch to the day.

Three images: Left image of sign directing guests to sit anywhere. Right top image of polaroid guestbook. Bottom right image of thank you sign in frame with candle in front.

Get Ready!

Regina wore a mermaid-style strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. Additionally, Regina wrapped her bare arms in a gorgeous faux fur shoulder wrap clasped with a broach.

Three images: top image of wedding rings in front of out of focus backdrop. Bottom left image of bride's faux fur shoulder wrap on hanger. Bottom right image of back buttons of bride's gown.

Because of their wedding in April of 2021, Wes and Regina decided to get ready together. Not only did this allow them to help each other, but it also provided some pure, intimate moments.

Undoubtedly, these were some of the most romantic moments of the day. Regina sat in her mermaid-style gown as Wes lovingly put on her shoes. The light from the window shined down on the two of them.

Three images: Left image half body of bride posing in her gown and faux fur shoulder wrap looking to the left. Center image of groom helping bride with shoes as she leans back. Right image full body of bride posing in just her gown looking to the left.

Soaking In Her Beauty

As Regina headed down the long and winding path toward him, Wes clasped his hands together. Unquestionably, this was his favorite moment. He watched his bride walk toward him as if he was seeing her for the first time.

Two images: Left image close-up of groom's. hands clasp together. Right image of bride walking a winding path with her father.
Single image of bride and father arm-in-arm during processional.

Happy Together

Unlike their first wedding, which was sweet and small but not what they dreamed of, this wedding was different. In view of family and friends, this vow renewal was what they’d wanted all along. Together, everyone was so happy to celebrate this couple’s love.

Three images: Top pull back image from rear of aisle looking at couple and guests from behind. Bottom left image head on of bride reading vows. Bottom right image from side of groom reading vows as guests watch.

The wedding party was dressed in beautiful jewel-toned shades of teal. It should be noted that Bridesmaid Katy’s mohawk inspired Kris to get the same style. Thanks for looking amazing, Katy!

Three images: Top left image of two bridesmaids. Top right image of other two bridesmaids as one wipes away a tear. Bottom image of bride smiling up at groom as he reads his vows.
Three images: Left image of bride looking up at groom. Center image of couple's first kiss. Right image of groom looking down at bride smiling.

Olive You More

At the entrance of the venue is a beautiful grove of olive trees. This grove made for this scenic backdrop for Regina and Wes’s portraits.

Two images: Left POV image from the bark ground of olive tree grove with bride and groom in the distance. Right image of bride and groom holding hands while walking through olive tree grove.

The misty November air gave these wedding images a romantic warmth indicative of the season. As well as that, the gray skies brought out the fall colors of the oaks trees throughout the grounds.

Three images: Top image low angle shot of couple shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm facing away from each other. Bottom left image of groom spinning bride on pathway. Bottom right up angle shot of bride on groom kissing with couple off-center to the right.

Let’s Groove Tonight

The happy couple’s grand entrance was met with applause as they strolled onto the dancefloor.

Single image of couple making their grand entrance.

As the DJ played their song, they twirled and dipped their way across the room.

Three images: Left top full body image of couple dancing. Bottom left close-up image of couple dancing surrounding by out of focus light. Right image of groom dipping and kissing bride.
Two images: Top image of groom dancing with his mother. Bottom image of bride dancing with her father.

With a little change of tempo, Regina sat her husband down and did a hula for him, much to his delight.

Two images: Left pullback image of entire room watching as bride dances hula with groom seated in front of her. Right image of groom watching bride dance hula.

And with that, friends and family offered toasts and tributes to the husband and wife.

Three images: top left image of maid of honor toasting couple. top right image of bride's father toasting couple. Bottom image of guests glasses raised in the air.

Cake is Par for the Course

Following toasts, Regina and Wes cut into this incredible cake created by Above and Beyond Cakes.

Three images: Top left image of full three tier cake. Top right image of cake topper of bride with arms crossed ad groom with golf bag. Bottom image of couple cutting cake.

After which, they and their guests danced the night away and ended with a fantastic sparkler exit!

Seven images of various guests dancing.

Congratulations, Regina and Wes!

Single image of sparkler exit as bride and groom kiss.



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