A Dream Wedding at Union Hill Inn

Union Hill Inn hosted Tiane and Jay’s beautiful wedding day. The couple’s story began with an unusual start. Jay tried to connect with Tiane on Bumble, but she initially ghosted him. However, fate intervened when, a year later, he reached out again. This time, they met up and quickly fell in love.

On their dating anniversary, Jay surprised Tiane with a special day trip. She felt a mix of excitement and nervousness, unsure if a proposal was coming or if it was simply a sweet gesture from him. After visiting her grandparents’ old house, Jay took her to a picturesque dome-shaped house in the woods, complete with a wrap-around porch, hot tub, skylight, and loft. She couldn’t help but swoon over how perfect it all was.

Later that night, Jay presented her with a few gifts, saving one special present for after dinner. When they returned, he asked her to open the final gift alone while he recorded her reaction. She thought it might be a painting of her late grandfather. Instead, she found Disney wedding ears she had been wanting, leaving her confused. As she turned around, Jay was on one knee, quoting vows from Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, ready to propose. She realized the day had been perfectly planned, and Jay was everything she could ever hope for.

A fairytale beginning to their love story that culminated in a dream wedding at the rustic and romantic Union Hill Inn.

The Rustic Beauty of Union Hill Inn

Tiane and Jay’s wedding venue, Union Hill Inn, offered a charming and romantic backdrop befitting of the love story. This enchanting estate, with its rustic ambiance, added warmth to the special day. The couple’s choice of venue created a memorable experience for them and their guests. Additionally, the inn’s beautiful gardens and picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for their dream wedding.

Carefully Selected Vendors Made the Day Special

The couple’s careful selection of talented vendors made their wedding truly special. For instance, they worked with Dee and Kris Photography to capture their wedding day in beautiful detail. Furthermore, Shae Styles for hair and Kim Garcia Beauti ensured the bridal party looked stunning. Tanya Garboushian aka The Facebeater did the bride’s makeup perfectly. Their meticulous choices, from Miosa Bride for the wedding dress to Sacramento Costumers for the groom’s suit, brought everything together flawlessly.

A Glam Squad That Made Magic

The bride and her bridal party looked stunning thanks to Shae Styles Hair and Kim Garcia Beauti. Their elegant wedding hairstyles added sophistication and grace. Shae Styles designed beautiful updos, enhancing the bridesmaids’ beauty. Additionally, Kim Garcia Beauti created stunning hair styles that perfectly complemented the bridal party. Both artists ensured the hair looked impeccable, which added to the day’s beauty.

Meanwhile, The Facebeater, Tanya Garboushian, excelled in her flawless makeup artistry. Her luxury techniques enhanced the bride’s natural beauty. Furthermore, her attention to detail and skillful application ensured the bride looked radiant all day. Tanya’s precision and care with makeup brought out the bride’s confidence and elegance, making her wedding day unforgettable.

Elegant Wedding Attire for the Big Day

The bride chose a stunning dress from Miosa Bride. The off-the-shoulder mermaid gown featured delicate lace. Its pouf sleeves and beautiful design made the bride feel like a princess. Furthermore, the gown added a touch of classic elegance to her wedding day.

Meanwhile, the groom looked sharp in a custom gray suit from Sheilagh McCafferty with Sacramento Costumers. His sage green vest complemented the overall look. The suit’s tailored fit gave him a sophisticated appearance. Additionally, the groomsmen’s looks were tailored to fit by Jos A. Bank in Sacramento, Ca. Consequently, everyone looked perfect for the couple’s big day.

Thoughtful Planning and Beautiful Floral Designs

Jennifer Valdez and An Occasion Events managed the event planning and floral design. Their careful planning made the wedding run smoothly. Additionally, they used beautiful floral arrangements to set the tone for the day. Bright and colorful flowers decorated the venue, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The couple appreciated Jennifer’s meticulous attention to detail. Furthermore, the floral designs added a touch of elegance to every part of the celebration. Overall, An Occasion Events played a key role in the day’s success.

Rentals and Catering for a Memorable Day

Jennifer’s choice of rentals added comfort and style to the wedding. She used CT Event Rentals for elegant seating. Additionally, Copper Mountain Cart Rental provided a golf cart. This cart transported the couple and their guests to the reception.

Perfect Day Catering offers a custom wedding menu. The menu featured delicious and varied options, pleasing every guest. Consequently, the food played an important role in making the wedding day unforgettable.

Heartfelt Ceremony Led by Pastor Elijah

Pastor Elijah, the bride’s cousin, officiated the wedding ceremony. He added a personal touch to the event. His connection to the couple made the ceremony special. Additionally, he shared meaningful and customized vows.

The intimate ceremony brought out emotions from everyone. Pastor Elijah’s heartfelt words left a lasting impact on the couple and their guests. Furthermore, his personal bond with the bride made the moment even more special.

Capturing Every Moment: Photography and Videography

Dee and Kris Photography worked to capture each special moment for Tiane and Jay. Their photographic skills made timeless memories for the couple. Additionally, their images brought out the beauty and emotion of the wedding day. The team ensured every meaningful moment was documented with care.

Alongside Dee and Kris, Ryan Pehrson Video Production Services provided cinematic wedding videography. His work complemented the photography, capturing the day in motion. Furthermore, his creative approach brought the wedding to life on film. Consequently, the couple now has lasting memories to cherish forever.

Fun Photo Booth and Lively Music

SNAP Photo Booth provided a fun and interactive experience for guests. Their “magic mirror” style camera captured candid moments. Additionally, guests enjoyed taking photos around the dancefloor. This added a playful touch to the evening.

Sounds in Motion DJ Service kept the party alive all night. Their professional music choices fit the mood perfectly. Furthermore, they engaged the crowd with upbeat songs. Consequently, Tiane and Jay’s wedding was a night to remember.

Reflecting on Tiane and Jay’s Special Day

Tiane and Jay’s wedding day was unforgettable. From heartfelt vows to the lively reception, everything was perfect. Additionally, their carefully chosen vendors played a key role. The couple and their guests will cherish the memories forever.

Congratulations, Tiane and Jay!



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