A Magical Stone Tree Estate Wedding

Noelle and Michael’s wedding at Stone Tree Estate by Wedgewood Weddings was a magical celebration of love. Surrounded by friends and family, they said their vows in a romantic setting. The estate’s natural beauty added a touch of elegance to the occasion. Noelle looked radiant, while Michael beamed with joy.

A Love Story That Started in Faith

Noelle and Michael’s journey began at their Bible study group. Their friendship blossomed over two years before they started dating. They shared common values and a deep connection through their faith. This strong foundation led to their romantic relationship.

Their first date invitation happened unexpectedly. After church, Michael spotted Noelle having brunch with a friend. He approached them and asked Noelle out to dinner that week. This moment marked the beginning of their love story.

Stunning Photos by Dee and Kris Photography

From the lush gardens to the charming reception space, everything was picture-perfect. Dee and Kris Photography captured every moment, making the day unforgettable. Each vendor played a significant role in the couple’s special day.

Dee and Kris Photography provided the perfect photo memories for Noelle and Michael’s wedding. Their attention to detail and creative shots immortalized the couple’s love story. The resulting photos were stunning, capturing the magic of the day. Consequently, the couple and their guests will cherish these memories forever.

Bridal Beauty by Beauty Marked by Stephanie

Beauty Marked by Stephanie made Noelle’s bridal beauty shine on her wedding day. Stephanie’s expertise in bridal makeup was evident in Noelle’s flawless look. Beauty Marked by Stephanie enhanced Noelle’s natural beauty, providing a perfect canvas for her big day.

With Stephanie’s touch, Noelle was picture-perfect from the ceremony to the reception. Furthermore, the bridal party also looked stunning, complementing the overall theme. The professional makeup artists at Beauty Marked by Stephanie added an extra touch of elegance to the wedding.

Floral Magic by Angella Floral Design

Angella Floral Design brought Noelle and Michael’s vision to life with stunning arrangements. The floral designs added beauty and charm to the wedding spaces. Noelle’s bouquet and the centerpieces perfectly matched the couple’s style.

The lush and vibrant flowers enhanced the romantic atmosphere. Consequently, guests admired the breathtaking displays throughout the venue. Angella Floral Design’s creativity and dedication made the wedding even more memorable.

Breathtaking Views and Professional Service at Stone Tree Estate

Noelle and Michael chose Stone Tree Estate by Wedgewood Weddings for its beautiful Bay Area views. The lush greenery and serene surroundings made it the perfect location. The couple found the scenic venue to be exactly what they envisioned for their special day.

The decision to go with Wedgewood Weddings was easy. The team was professional, courteous, and attentive. They listened closely to the couple’s vision for their wedding day. Furthermore, they appreciated the full-service package offered, which included a coordinator and caterer.

All-Inclusive Experience and Personalized Touch

The all-inclusive packages made planning a breeze. Stone Tree Estate provided everything from catering to coordination. Noelle and Michael appreciated having a dedicated coordinator. This ensured their wedding day ran smoothly from start to finish.

The personal touch added to the experience. Additionally, the couple loved how the venue’s team handled every detail. Consequently, they felt supported throughout the planning process. Stone Tree Estate exceeded their expectations, making their day even more memorable.

Live Music by Katrina Wreede String Trio

Katrina Wreede String Trio filled the air with beautiful music during the cocktail hour. The trio’s inspiring performance set the perfect mood for Noelle and Michael’s special moment. Their blend of classical and contemporary music delighted everyone in attendance.

Their live music added elegance and emotion to the event. As a result, Noelle and Michael’s vows were even more meaningful. The trio’s performance was one of the many highlights of the day.

Sweet Delights by Krumbs Cakes and Taylor Made Desserts

Krumbs Cakes and Taylor Made Desserts provided sweet treats that guests loved. Krumbs Cakes created a custom wedding cake that was as delicious as it was beautiful. Noelle and Michael’s guests enjoyed every bite of the exquisite cake.

Additionally, Taylor Made Desserts offered an array of delectable desserts. These treats satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth, rounding out the celebration. The desserts were the perfect finishing touch to a perfect day.

Memorable Entertainment by Wedding Belle Music

Wedding Belle Music provided memorable entertainment for Noelle and Michael’s wedding reception. Their live music kept the guests dancing all night long. The DJ’s energetic performance brought life to the party, making it unforgettable.

Consequently, everyone had a fantastic time, enjoying the lively atmosphere. Noelle and Michael’s guests will always remember the wonderful music and joyous celebration. The DJ played a crucial role in making the wedding truly special.

Congratulations, Noelle and Michael!



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