Haley and Kevin were married in Sugar Pine State Park on one of the most beautiful September days! These Ehrman Mansion wedding pictures are a must-see, keep scrolling to check out the one of a kind sunset that graced the end of their wedding day!


Over in the men’s cabin, Kevin dressed in a custom R Douglas Clothier suit. We love the personalized detailing he decided to add to his suit, every time he wears the suit he’ll be reminded of his bride.


After sunset the party got big and loud, kicking off the night was DJ Steve Schon with Function 45. Haley and Kevin partied all night with their guests. After the Ehrman Mansion wedding night ended, the party moved to another location!


What’s better than tacos? Umm… nothing is better than tacos. Shout out to Chimayo Tacos & Tortas who cooked their specialties on-site, not only was it delicious but it was a huge hit with all their guests!


Their beautiful love story:

Kevin and Haley go way back. A classic small town where everybody knows everybody, their parents worked together when they were in diapers. Haley and Kevin didn’t even know they used to play together at work family picnics during the summer until stories told over dinner years later. They met again in middle school during band and quickly became friends, then best friends, and 6 years later finally realized there was something more.

10 years later, they are finally tying the knot! Their love grew over the years, they survived long distance, made it through paying Santa Barbara rent and eating nothing but ramen and mac’n’cheese, and the biggest feat of all Kevin made it through being a significant other during Haley’s vet school and internship year. After living in in 4 separate houses together and acquiring 4 furry family members along the way (Doodle, Brindley, Moose and Small Cat) they finally got engaged December 13,2017 while living in San Diego! Shortly after they kept the excitement going and purchased their first home…which obviously put the wedding planning on hold.

Currently, they are in living in West Sacramento and loving their new transition in life in their first home. Kevin is a design manager at GRID alternatives where he designs and installs solar panel systems. Haley is an emergency veterinarian at a specialty hospital. They are always busy working on their home improvements, finding new breweries with friends and family, taking time for new adventures, and of course spoiling their amazing dogs and cats!

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