Before we jump into Aubrey and Jonathan’s evening wedding at Scribner Bend, we are very excited to share their super sweet love stories!

Our love story is not quintessential, nor is it cliché—not a timeless classic of Austen or Shakespeare—it’s simply us. It began over sushi. Over drinks with friends and laughter and accents. The day we met, I was instantaneously attracted. Her candor, beauty, and wit were enrapturing, and yet a year would go by before I had the courage to ask her out on a date. That year in itself was fortuitous, for we had the opportunity to know each other as a friend before a partner. We learned quite a bit about, from embarrassing stories of our college years to our aspirations for our futures. The initial attraction I had for her only grew deeper as I witnessed her devout compassion and loyalty for her family, her immense craving for adventure, and her fierce strength of character. Then, while on a hike with the very friend that first introduced us, that year of friendship crested, and it was among the luminescent summer glow and loveliness of ladybugs that I knew. I knew that I wanted to so much more with this amazing woman.   That inkling, that fluttering, transformed into the life we share. With each passing day, the four years we have been together not only has changed my life, butchanged me. Through white washed buildings of Santorini and languid Sunday mornings awash with her laughter, the warmth and purpose that has suffused into my life comes from love. I would say I am lucky, but I like to believe that this was meant to be, that all roads led to her, to my love, to my Aubrey.

Written by Jonthan

For over a year before he proposed, Jonathan would always jokingly ask me if I wanted to marry him. No matter when, where or how, he’d find a way to sneak his questions into conversation. I, of course, would always say yes. He’d flash me a coy smile, and reply, “you’ll have to wait.” I found it charming; it always made me laugh a little, no matter the mood I was in just seconds before. 

In the Summer of 2016, Jonathan whisked me away on a Mediterranean cruise. He knew the quickest way to my heart was through travel, especially if that travelling was with him. Our ship’s first stop was in Santorini, the one place in the world he knew I had always wanted to go. We spent the day exploring every corner of Santorini; the food, the bookstores, the coffee, the views. In those moments with him, I thought life couldn’t get any better. I was so in love that I didn’t want to leave. As we meandered back to the ship through the cobblestone streets, I pulled over for one final view overlooking the bright blue sea that seemed to never end. He wrapped his arms around me and we stood quiet for a moment. Out of the silence, he whispered, “will you marry me”? I chuckled and anticipated his usual coy-smiled quip, “you’ll have to wait”. But before I could respond, he stepped away, got down on one knee, opened a small box, and asked me again. 

It was always yes. 
From the first time listening to Frank Sinatra together, it was yes.
From our first trip to wine country together, it was yes.
And on October 5, 2019, enclosed in vineyards, dancing to Frank Sinatra, it will forever be yes. 

Written by the lovley Aubrey

Aubrey and Jonathan’s October 5th, 2019 wedding started with the groom and groomsmen getting prepped for Jonathan’s big day at The Westin Sacramento. Jonathan looked sharp in his custom Indochino suit with a coral-colored tie. After getting ready and a quick toast to his day, the men headed over to meet his beautiful bride at Scribner Bend Vineyards.

Wedding at Westin Sacramento
Wedding at Westin Sacramento
Wedding at Westin Sacramento
Wedding at Westin Sacramento

Helping Aubrey get ready for the most romantic day of her life, was Shana Beals on makeup, and Tina Romo on hair.

Bridal makeup by Sacramento makeup artist Shana beals, hair by Tina Romo
Bridal prep at Scribner Bend
Dolce and Gabbana wedding perfume, bridal wedding details
bridal makeup by Shana Beals makeup artistry. Sacramento makeup artist, Soft natural makeup
First look with dad on her wedding day
Sacramento Garden wedding venues, winery
Sacramento Garden wedding venues, winery
Sacramento Garden wedding venues, winery
Sacramento Garden wedding venues, winery
Scribner Bend Ceremony, Sacramento garden wedding venues
black and white wedding photography by Dee and Kris Photography
Scribner Bend Ceremony site, ribbon tying, night time ceremony

The reception was started with DJ & MC Steve Schon of Function 45.

Scribner Bend reception

This evening wedding at Scribner Bend had a three-tiered semi-naked created at Ettore’s decorated by beautiful flowers to match Audrey’s bouquet.

Wedding cake from Ettore's
Dancing pictures at Scribner Bend

All their florals: Bridal party bouquets & boutonniere, table flowers, and ceremony flowers were created by the wonderful Jackie Perez. Owner of Jackie’s Flowers.

Sacramento Wedding florist Jackie's flowers
Book themed wedding center pieces, pastel wedding colors, Shakespeare wedding theme
Scribner Bend Ceremony Pictures, pastel ribbon on aisle chairs
Pastel wedding colors, guest book
Wedding Ring photography

This entire day could not have happened without the help of Sacramento wedding coordinator Catrina Arcularius.

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