Hollywood Glamour

Forest House Lodge is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Northern California. The Sierra Mountains serve as the dramatic backdrop for Emily and Cory’s wedding ceremony. We first met Emily and Cory was at their engagement session in Hughes Park where this swing dance couple twirled their way into our hearts.

The Glam Squad: All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up took charge of the bridal beauty, and boy, did they deliver! From the first brush stroke to the final hairpin, they exhibited pure artistry. So, what exactly did they do? Let’s dive in.

Flawless Makeup by All Dolled Up

First, the makeup. All Dolled Up used a palette that beautifully complemented Emily’s skin tone. Soft, yet vibrant. Moreover, the airbrush foundation gave her a flawless finish. Truly, it was bridal beauty at its finest.

In summary, All Dolled Up offered a bridal beauty experience that was nothing short of extraordinary. From makeup to hair, their work was impeccable. So, if you’re dreaming of looking like a fairytale princess, All Dolled Up should be your go-to. Their expertise in bridal makeup and hair sets them apart. A picture-perfect bride? Indeed, that’s what All Dolled Up aims for.

The Enzoani Touch

Designed by Enzoani, Emily’s dress featured intricate lace and a dramatic train. Subsequently, the elegant cape she chose added a layer of Old Hollywood glamour. Vintage, yet timeless. Additionally, the fine detailing by Enzoani made it more than a dress; it was a work of art.

Drama, Flair, and Enzoani

Then came the drama. Emily’s gown by Enzoani epitomized Old Hollywood with its dramatic flair. Beads, lace, and the elegant cape together made it a vintage masterpiece. In short, it was pure Hollywood elegance, thanks to Enzoani’s craftsmanship.

The Lens Masters: Dee and Kris

Dee and Kris played a pivotal role on Emily and Cory’s special day. Trust us, their work is awe-inspiring. Moreover, they have a knack for capturing the fleeting, special moments that most miss.

The Art of Candid Photography

First, let’s talk candids. Dee and Kris excel in capturing natural, unscripted moments. From the bride’s prep to the first look, they were on point. Additionally, their eye for detail is impeccable, catching everything from the beadwork on Emily’s dress to the tear in Cory’s eye.

Dee and Kris: In Every Detail

Then, the details. Lace, flowers, smiles—nothing escapes their lens. Furthermore, Dee and Kris give equal attention to grand scenes and minute details. After all, a wedding is a sum of its parts, big and small.

In summary, if you want photographers who can capture both the monumental and the minute, Dee and Kris Photography are the ones to call. Their ability to immortalize candid moments and intricate details sets them apart. So, next time you’re scrolling through Emily and Cory’s wedding album, remember: Dee and Kris made it happen.

A Fairytale Setting: Forest House Lodge

Forest House Lodge was the obvious choice for Emily and Cory. And for good reason! It offered everything the couple was looking for. Specifically, the lodge combined elegance with a rustic charm that was simply irresistible.

The Visual Storytelling of Kelsey Gregge

Firstly, the views. Kelsey Gregge knows how to preserve the setting in her videos. Whether it’s the Forest House Lodge or the floral arrangements, she catches every scenic detail. Furthermore, her knack for visual storytelling makes your special day unforgettable.

Every View, Every Vow, and Every Kiss Captured

Kelsey Gregge of The Uncommon Weddings doesn’t miss a thing. Every vow and every kiss are caught in high-definition detail. Plus, The Uncommon Weddings team edits the footage to evoke all the day’s emotions.

Kelsey Gregge’s videography is about preserving the now for the future. Each fleeting moment becomes a timeless memory. So, if you’re after a videographer who captures both the beauty and the emotion, look no further than Uncommon Weddings.

Unmatched Amenities at Forest House Lodge

Forest House Lodge boasts a variety of features that make it special. Think of the amazing attention to detail, scenic gardens, and even a game room. Furthermore, the lodge provided a beautiful outdoor setting for the ceremony.

The Allure of Forest House Lodge

A cozy fireplace, antique décor, and wooded views set the scene. Additionally, Forest House Lodge encapsulated a romantic vibe that was in sync with the couple’s vision.

Full-Service Excellence at Forest House Lodge

Forest House Lodge offers more than just scenery. In fact, their packages are a bride and groom’s dream. Particularly, their team of event planners and award-winning catering make the day a breeze.

First off, the planning. Forest House Lodge comes with a skilled team of event planners. They tackle every detail, big and small. Furthermore, their expertise ensures that the couple can focus on enjoying their day, rather than stressing over logistics.

Next, the food. Another key feature of Forest House Lodge is their award-winning catering. Think sumptuous appetizers, mouth-watering entrees, and desserts to die for. Additionally, they offer a variety of cuisine styles to suit every palate.

In summary, Forest House Lodge excels not just in aesthetics but in comprehensive service. From event planning to catering, they’ve got it all covered. Thus, if you’re seeking a stress-free wedding experience that ticks all the boxes, Forest House Lodge is the answer

The Floral Artistry of Cheryl Porter

Cheryl Porter crafted the floral arrangements. Indeed, her work added a touch of magic to Emily and Cory’s day. Specifically, her designs were a perfect blend of elegance and natural beauty.

Cheryl Porter’s Signature Style

Firstly, the blooms. Cheryl Porter opted for a mix of classic roses and exotic lilies. Together, they created a visually stunning array. Moreover, the flower arrangements perfectly matched the couple’s wedding theme.

Captivating Details by Cheryl Porter

Next, the details. Subtle additions of greenery and floral accessories showcased Cheryl Porter’s attention to detail. Additionally, she even incorporated thematic elements that tied back to the Forest House Lodge setting.

In summary, Cheryl Porter didn’t just provide flowers; she provided a floral experience. From the bouquet to the centerpieces, her work was nothing short of art. So, if you’re seeking a florist with an eye for beauty and detail, look no further than Cheryl Porter.

Sweet Note Cakes: A Cut Above the Rest

Betsy Braun was the genius behind the cake. Specifically, she runs Sweet Note Cakes, where each cake is a masterpiece. More importantly, her creations are a perfect balance of taste and aesthetics.

A two-tier work of art is what Betsy delivered. Moreover, her attention to detail, from the intricate icing to the hand-placed edible flowers, was impressive. This unique style is what sets Sweet Note Cakes apart.

In summary, Betsy Braun didn’t just make a wedding cake; she created a delicious piece of art. From the taste to the design, it was perfect. Looking for a wedding cake that stands out and pleases the palate? You can’t go wrong with Sweet Note Cakes.

The Rhythms of Love: Joe Kalamaras Sets the Musical Stage

Joe Kalamaras knows tunes. Specifically, he’s the DJ who understands how to set the mood. With SJsDJ behind the deck, the atmosphere was electric.

Tuning into the Couple’s Style

Firstly, the genre. Joe picked out a playlist, perfect for Emily and Cory, our swing dancing couple. Moreover, his musical selections from SJsDJ were perfectly in tune with the wedding’s overall vibe.

The Magic Touch of Joe Kalamaras

Next, the timing. Joe has a knack for reading the room. Just as the couple prepared to show off their moves, he switched to their favorite tune. Consequently, the dance floor was alive and kicking.

In summary, Joe Kalamaras didn’t just play music; he set the stage for memories. Every beat, every transition, crafted by SJsDJ, was deliberate. So, if you’re looking for a DJ who knows how to turn musical notes into unforgettable moments, Joe’s your guy.

Congratulations, Emily and Cory!



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