Sacramento wedding photographers, Dee and Kris, Answer The Knot’s 15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

1. What styles do you specialize in?

We describe our works as very journalistic. We will always capture those formal family portraits, but we photograph your entire day as it unfolds naturally. You’ll also find that our final delivered images are vibrant and rich in color with a timeless edit that will be a classic for years to come!

2. How many weddings have you shot, and how many do you do in a year? Also, what’s your favorite part of a wedding day and time of year to shoot?

We have been shooting weddings for the past 10 years, so the exact number is a little lost on us! (But it’s A LOT) Each year we shoot between 40-50 weddings a year. 

3. Do you shoot both digital and film?

Dee is a very skilled film photographer, but he keeps that as a hobby on the side. For weddings, we both shoot with 2 Canon digital cameras.

4. Will you be my actual photographer?

YES! We do not hire associate shooters, so for your wedding day Dee and Kris (Both lead photographers) will both be shooting! The only exception is sickness or injury.

5. Do you have back up photographers who will shoot the wedding if you are sick?

(knock on wood this doesn’t happen) Your contact with Dee and Kris guarantees 2 photographers so, in case of an emergency, we do have many photographer friends who will meet our expectations.

6. How do you coordinate with my videographer?

We always work extremely well with videographers, many times we will take the lead for posing and the videographer will film beside us. During the ceremony, we have a calculated dance with videographers in order to stay out of each other shots. We believe the best kind of wedding photographer and videographer is the one that is not seen! Need recommendations? Let us know!

7. Have you shot at my venue before?

We’ve shot at many of the best wedding venues in Northern California including: Vizcaya, Scribner Bend Vineyards, Forest House Lodge, Monte Verde Inn, many Catholic Churches, and The Citizen Hotel

8. Do you follow a shot list? Or do you prefer to have free rein to capture the festivities as you see fit?

We generally do not shoot from a shot list. We like to capture the day as it unfolds, but we understand that there are certain important pictures that you want to be captured! The only shot list we will guarantee to be prepared with is the family portrait list that you give us prior to your wedding day.

9. What are restrictions for sharing photos online or for publication?

We want you to share your images! All we ask is that you refrain from using filters and that you tag us so we can share in the excitement!

10. Do you bring your own lighting?

Definitely! Since your wedding day is an always changing light situation we always come prepared with off camera flash. Depending on the venue, we might set up multiple flashes throughout the reception room. Trust us, you won’t even know they are there!

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11. What will you wear?

We are always extremely professional in our attire. We want to blend in with the dress code of your wedding, so you’ll always find Dee wearing a bowtie!

12. Will the photos be retouched and color balanced?

YES! We have an in house editor (Meet Jaclyn) that carefully selects the best of the best images from your day to color balance and edit before delivery.

13. How long after the wedding do we get to see the photos?

We know you’re SUPER excited to see your wedding pictures so within 72 hours of your wedding day you’ll be receiving an email with a few hand selected teasers done by Dee! These teasers are fully edited to Dee’s liking and is a small preview of what will be coming with your full collection! We ask for 4-6 weeks post wedding for the delivery of your final images. 

14. How do receive our pictures?

4-6 weeks after your wedding we will set you up with a reveal at our studio! (Or online if needed) We’ll pop some champagne, have some snack and watch your pictures in a slideshow set to music. Then you’ll receive a link to view your online photo gallery! Our reveals a truly a unique experience that is not offered by all Sacramento wedding photographers.

15. Can I purchase a wedding album through you?

Of course! During your reveal, we’ll go over all of our packages and options for albums and wall art! Our designer, (meet Alicia) will have pre-made an album for you to view. All album purchases include 1 hour of personalized time with our designer to create your one of a kind album for your big day!

Considering us for your wedding photographer? Contact us here for a meeting with us to see if we are a great fit for your special day! We can’t wait to meet you!



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