Forest House Lodge in the Sierra Mountains

The recent wildfires left a lingering haze of smoke over the mountains, but Kelsey and Zack were here. They were excited to finally be able to stand in front of family and friends and say “I do”. The light played against the smoke creating gorgeous colors and the mountains stood as the perfect backdrop at The Grand Sierra Point of Forest House Lodge.

Every detail was perfect; from the rustic marquee-lighted heart the lodge had recently installed down to the heirloom necklace Kelsey wore stitched into her dress that belonged to Zack’s grandmother. Each piece carefully thought out and lovingly selected.

Two images of wedding and venue details including wooden marquee heart provided by venue.
Three images of wedding details; rings, shoes, dress.

Kelsey and her bridesmaids wear matching silk robes before getting ready and playfully pose for Dee and Kris Photography. We love fun “getting ready” outfits so much we wrote a blog post about it!

Two images of bride with bridesmaids in silk robes and bridesmaids bringing out bride's dress

A few of Kelsey’s bridesmaids bring out her dress to help her into it. After the dress and veil were all on, the other bridesmaids have a “first look” with their bride and are in awe of how beautiful she looks.

Three images at Forest House Lodge of bride and bridesmaids as they see her in her dress for the first time.
Three black and white images of the bride at Forest House Lodge in her dress, her jewelry, and her veil.
Two images of the shadows bouncing off the bride's shoes and dress.

It’s time for a toast! Here’s to Kelsey and Zack and a perfect wedding!

Two images of the toast to the bride.

Why let the girls have all the fun in their matching robes? Zack had these button down shirts embroidered for his groomsmen and they had some fun posing in them.

Two images of the groom and his groomsmen in the dressing area of Forest House Lodge in matching embroidered shirts.

Sometimes a groom needs a little help from his friends.

Five images of the groomsmen helping the groom get ready.

Zack’s mother lovingly puts on her son’s boutonniere.

One image of the mother-of-the-groom putting on her son's boutonniere.

First Looks

In addition to having a First Look session with her bridesmaids, Kelsey also has a chance to show her dad how gorgeous she is. This also gives her a moment to gift him this tie that she had especially made for him.

Two images of bride and father-of-the-bride as he sees her for the first time in her dress.

The big reveal came as Zack gets his first look at his bride.

Two images of bride and groom first look and whole wedding party.

Wedding With A View

Accents and details provided by the venue added to the natural beauty of the outdoor setting. Throughout the grounds, floral arrangements and rustic accents created a breathtaking ambience of softness and light.

Three images of details at Forest House Lodge.

The flagstone aisle added to the natural feel as the groom and his parents walk to the archway to wait for his bride.

Two images of groom walking with his parents down the aisle and bride walking down the aisle.
Three black and white images of ceremony.
Three images of vows being said.

Kelsey and Zack will plant this Japanese Maple to signify their eternal love and growth together.

Three images of ceremony.
Two images of rings being placed and first kiss as husband and wife.
One black and white image of Bride and Groom's recessional.

Let’s Party All Night

The deep rich tones of the dark wood along with the navy blue and copper table settings give a feeling of luxury against the rustic feel of the cabin. Candles and white lilies throughout add a touch of softness.

Three images of table setting at Forest House Lodge.
Three detail images of table settings at Forest House Lodge.

A Grand Entrance in the Woods

The new Mr. and Mrs. Dolk are introduced as they glide down the stairs and into their first dance. Then the party begins!

Four images of Grand Entrance at Forest House Lodge.
Three images of toasts at reception.

The lovely and delicious wedding cake was created by Cakes By Monica, Forest House Lodge’s in-house baker, as well as the cupcakes and other sweet treats guests enjoyed throughout the evening.

Three images of cake and cake cutting

Father and daughter enjoy a moment together before they surprise everyone watching with some slick choregraphed moves that sent Kelsey gliding into the arms of her waiting husband.

Three images of parents dance.


Five images of guests dancing at reception

Trevor at The Bar at Forest House Lodge kept the party going as the drinks were flowing! At Forest House Lodge you can party ALL NIGHT!

Five images of guests dancing and drinking at reception

Congratulations to Kelsey and Zack!

Two romance images of bride and groom in outdoor forest setting



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