Now that we are coming up on the end of November, and you probably have your holiday decorations adorning your home, (Don’t lie, we know you set up the day after Halloween) it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your best friends and those who are most important to you! Today we wanted to tell you a little about one of our favorite online retailers for custom and unique gifts: Bridesmaid Gift Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts! They specialize in gifts for your wedding party, but you are going to find the perfect gift for any friend even if you’re not a bride!

We recently received this beautiful gift box from Bridesmaid Gift Boutique. This Floral Bridesmaid Gift Box came with a bridal robe and a custom floral water bottle. A perfect gift for the bride who wants to look chic before putting on her wedding dress!

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First, we are obsessed with the box. It’s a magnetic closure and very sturdy so you can fill it will all sorts of goodies and not worry about the lid or sides buckling. It also came with the shredded crinkle paper to give the gift a little more texture and fill the empty space. We love the idea of giving this as a gift before a wedding because the box is so useful! There is so much space to all the little pieces that you don’t want to lose the morning of a wedding: jewelry, perfume, extra bobby pins, Advil, and whatever your heart desires!

The floral robe is so cute and comfy, we would wear it over and over again! The robe came in two colors, grey to match the water bottle, or white if you’d like the bridal look! We chose the white as a gift to a bride. As for the size, they offer a One Size Fits All, or an XL Plus size. When you’re ready to start planning getting ready outfits for a bride squad check out what they have to offer!

The monogramming and name is what sold us on this particular gift box. On the robe, you could choose which letter you’d want and on the water bottle & Box, you can customize with up to 12 letters!

One of the things we love about Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique and Groovy Groomsmen gifts is that they had so many custom gift boxes for a variety of budgets. In addition to the floral gift box we received, they have gift boxes with wine tumblers, whiskey flasks, bath salts, a variety of jewelry and a bunch of different robe styles! Can’t find the exact combination of gifts? You can purchase the gift box separately and fill it with anything you want!

Now that we’ve got all the gifts for the ladies and gifts for your best friends, check out these ideas for the best gifts for men. They have 85 personalized gifts for all the men in your life! Heading there now to get all my Christmas gifts for my dad, brother, brother-in-law, and boyfriend. With all these gifts for your best friends, I’m going to have all my shopping done before December hits! Woohoo!



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