She Made It!

Meet the beautiful McKenna and say CONGRATULATIONS! She’s a new graduate of Whitney High School in Rocklin, CA. This sweet young lady is a friend to everyone she meets. She loves to dance and enthusiastically embraces all that life has to offer.

McKenna participated in Unified Sports (basketball and soccer for students with different abilities) and she had the opportunity to play games against other schools while students from her school packed the high school gym and cheered for all the athletes.

This high school senior loved participating in school activities. Her favorite parts of high school were unified sports, dance, culinary (she loves to eat!), art class and, without a doubt, any PE class where she could play a variety of sports.

McKenna also participated in dance throughout high school, with a spring performance at the end of each year. She showed us some of her moves during her session at UC Davis Arboretum.

Her dreams for the future are to find an excellent job at a bookstore (she loves books as much as sports), travel to Hawaii or any tropical place in the world, and enjoy her family and friends.



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