The Firehouse Restaurant: A September to Remember

At The Firehouse Restaurant, romance was in the air. It was the perfect choice for Ashley and Maziar. Their joy was mirrored in every image taken by Dee and Kris Photography. Ashley and Maziar and The Firehouse Restaurant made for a dreamy late Summer wedding,

Big Summer Blowout

Next stop, beauty transformation courtesy of The Blowout Beauty Lounge. In the serene ambiance of The Sawyer Hotel, Ashley’s bridal beauty unfolded.

At The Blowout Beauty Lounge, it’s not just about makeup and hair. It’s a pampering experience. Amidst the luxury of The Sawyer Hotel, Ashley savored every moment.

The result is a stunning bride, all thanks to The Blowout Beauty Lounge. A radiant Ashley, ready to say ‘I do’ at The Firehouse Restaurant. A flawless look that turned heads, captured perfectly at her suite in The Sawyer Hotel.

Shine Bright: Rosy Stone Inc.

Accents of shine came from the bride’s choice of jewelry. Handcrafted pieces by Rosy Stone Inc were her preferred adornments. Intricately designed and distinctly unique, these pieces added an air of individuality to her bridal ensemble.

Starting with the earrings, they were a spectacle. Dangling delicately, the gems caught the light at just the right angle. Similarly, the necklace, a statement piece from Rosy Stone Inc, was an eye-catching detail that complimented the plunging neckline of her dress.

Last but not least, the bracelet – delicate and timeless. This piece of jewelry was not only an accessory but also a beautiful keepsake from this special day.

In essence, the bespoke bridal jewelry by Rosy Stone Inc contributed to the sparkle of Ashley’s wedding day look, offering the perfect blend of elegance and personal style.

Taking the Plunge: A Miosa Bride

Captivating in her bridal attire, Ashley embodied elegance. Her gown, a stunning creation by Miosa Bride, showcased intricate detailing. A beautiful short lace train added an element of surprise, while the plunging neckline provided a touch of daring sophistication.

Additionally, the bride’s shoes from Lulus were just as compelling. The light blue ankle strap sandals were a beautiful deviation from the traditional white. Complementing her dress perfectly, they were the epitome of style meets comfort.

Overall, the wedding gown from Miosa Bride coupled with the elegant footwear from Lulus elevated Ashley’s bridal look, making her a picture-perfect bride.

Setting a sophisticated tone for the bridal party, Azazie provided stunning blue bridesmaid dresses. These gowns, with their elegant design, beautifully contrasted the bridal dress, adding a splash of color to the wedding palette.

Meanwhile, the groomsmen were equally stylish, donning classy suits from The Suit Shop. These garments, impeccably tailored, added to the overall polished look of the wedding party.

Ultimately, the well-curated attires from Azazie, Indochino, and The Suit Shop contributed to the aesthetic harmony of Ashley and Maziar’s wedding.

Enchanting Florals by Flowers By Anda

Each floral arrangement by Flowers By Anda was a work of art, adding depth and beauty to the venue. The flowers didn’t just stand alone – alongside them, floating candles cast a warm, inviting glow, enhancing the romantic setting.

Furthermore, the stunning wedding bouquets bursting with white roses, complemented the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly.

In summary, Flowers By Anda played an instrumental role in shaping the romantic mood of Ashley and Maziar’s wedding with these breathtaking floral arrangements and bouquets.

Perfect Coordination by Brittnie Ringor at The Firehouse Restaurant

Brittnie Ringor orchestrated an evening of elegance. The simplicity of the table settings combined with the historic beauty of The Firehouse Restaurant created an ambiance of refined charm. Ivy-draped brick walls, fine art statues, and tranquil fountains added unique character to the venue.

Moreover, the exquisite offerings of The Firehouse Restaurant were an event highlight. Each dish was a testament to the restaurant’s culinary prowess.

In conclusion, the expertise of Brittnie Ringor and the team at The Firehouse Restaurant contributed significantly to the flawless execution of Ashley and Maziar’s wedding, creating an event as delicious as it was beautiful.

Rick’s Dessert Diner Takes the Cake

The reception was topped off with a simple yet beautiful two-tier cake from Rick’s Dessert Diner. The confection was a testament to the artistry of Rick’s Dessert Diner‘s team.

The cake wasn’t just delicious—it was a visual treat. Adorned with fresh flowers, it mirrored the event’s floral theme beautifully. Each bloom added an elegant touch to the dessert.

As a result, Rick’s Dessert Diner didn’t just offer a cake; they provided a centerpiece that complemented the entire decor of the wedding. Each bite of the cake was a reminder of the thoughtful details that made Ashley and Maziar’s wedding a truly special occasion.

A Night to Remember with DJ Eli Freshmode

DJ Eli Freshmode took the reins of the entertainment, filling the evening with infectious beats and a lively atmosphere.

A signature touch of DJ Eli Freshmode, bubbles flooded the dancefloor, adding a whimsical charm to the celebration. With every dance step, guests found themselves amidst a dreamy bubble wonderland.

Colorful lighting, another striking feature of DJ Eli Freshmode‘s setup, illuminated the venue. It cast a vibrant glow that mirrored the joy and excitement of the guests.

Consequently, DJ Eli Freshmode didn’t just provide the soundtrack to Ashley and Maziar’s wedding; he turned it into a lively, unforgettable celebration.

Congratulations, Ashley and Maz!



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