A Summer Romance at Scribner Bend Vineyard

Scribner Bend Vineyard, nestled in California’s wine country, sets a perfect scene for Mihiri and Devanka’s summer wedding. This venue, with its vibrant vineyards and breathtaking river views, creates an ideal spot for their vows. Guests stepping into Scribner Bend Vineyard find themselves surrounded by thriving vines and bathed in the warm, golden sunshine, heralding a day of romance and happiness.

Choosing Scribner Bend Vineyard meant more to Mihiri and Devanka than just picking a place. It became a canvas for their love story, painted in the colors of nature’s beauty and the sunset’s golden light. Amid the vines and under the clear sky, their journey as a married couple began.

Every corner of Scribner Bend Vineyard echoes with stories of love and dedication. More than a simple venue, it stands as a testament to their union. Famous for its picturesque landscape and fine wines, the vineyard excels in crafting memorable experiences. Mihiri and Devanka’s ceremony proved this, blending the vineyard’s elegance with the charm of nature.

Scribner Bend Vineyard, a jewel in Sacramento’s wine region, offers more than just a spot for weddings. It provides an unforgettable experience, creating memories that last well beyond the final toast. For Mihiri and Devanka, Scribner Bend Vineyard wasn’t just where they tied the knot. It marked the beginning of their forever.

Dee and Kris Photography: Creating Lasting Memories

Dee and Kris Photography infuse life into each wedding photo with their distinct style. At Dee and Kris Photography, they focus on more than just snapping pictures; they’re about capturing and preserving cherished memories. Every shot they take tells a unique story, locking in the emotions and moments of the day.

The role of professional wedding photography, as provided by Dee and Kris Photography, is vital. It goes beyond simply producing photos; it involves safeguarding pieces of your personal history. Dee and Kris excel in capturing the true spirit of each couple, transforming brief moments into lasting keepsakes.

Dee and Kris Photography‘s skill is evident in every photo they take. They skillfully capture every smile, tear, and loving look. Their photographs do more than document; they serve as vibrant mementos of the happiness and love of your special day. Dee and Kris aren’t just taking wedding pictures; they’re crafting visual narratives to be treasured for a lifetime.

Elena Little: Mastering Bridal Beauty

Elena Little adds magic to every bride’s big day. Her makeup expertise Elena Little turns brides into stunning beauties. She knows how important it is to look and feel amazing on your wedding day. Elena’s work for Mihiri was more than makeup; it enhanced her natural beauty perfectly.

Highlighting each bride’s unique features is Elena Little‘s specialty. Her mix of professional skill and personal touch makes every bride glow. Expert wedding makeup, like Elena Little‘s, is key for a perfect bridal look. It’s not just about the makeup; it’s about boosting confidence and radiance.

Elena’s creation for Mihiri showcased her remarkable talent. Her work, known for its excellence, greatly enhanced the wedding day. Brides aiming for that ideal glow trust Elena Little. Her bridal beauty services go beyond makeup application. They create unforgettable memories and everlasting elegance.

Jackie’s Flowers: Crafting Floral Fairy Tales

Jackie’s Flowers transforms wedding venues with enchanting floral arrangements. When you visit Jackie’s Flowers, their passion for crafting stunning floral designs is evident. They excel in turning a couple’s dream into reality, using flowers to infuse color, texture, and feeling into every corner.

Each creation by Jackie’s Flowers is an art piece, not just décor. They know that flowers form the heart of wedding decoration, enhancing the mood and mirroring the couple’s taste. Whether it’s delicate bouquets or majestic centerpieces, “floral designs from Jackie’s Flowers” always stand out.

The skill of Jackie’s Flowers is apparent in their mix of colors, shapes, and fragrances. They craft an ambience that captivates and personalizes the setting. Flowers are crucial in making a wedding theme come alive. Jackie’s team, experts in this art, ensure their floral arrangements are not just decorative elements. They are essential in weaving the day’s beauty and lasting memories.

Scribner Bend’s All-Inclusive Wedding Packages: Effortless Elegance

Scribner Bend Vineyard simplifies wedding planning remarkably with its all-inclusive packages. Conveniently, at Scribner Bend Vineyard, couples find everything they need in one place. These packages, covering catering, decoration, and coordination, ensure the planning process is not only smooth but also enjoyable.

Furthermore, a standout feature is Paesano’s, their in-house restaurant. Renowned for its delectable cuisine, Paesano’s adds a distinct local flavor to Scribner Bend’s weddings. Importantly, their menus not only impress guests but also lend an air of sophistication to the festivities.

Moreover, choosing Scribner Bend Vineyard equates to embarking on a stress-free wedding planning adventure. Collaboratively, the team partners with couples to meticulously perfect every detail. Consequently, from the venue’s breathtaking ambiance to the delectable cuisine from Paesano’s, each element harmoniously blends to create a flawless experience.

Finally, opting for Scribner Bend Vineyard translates to a wedding experience that beautifully merges luxury with convenience. Their comprehensive packages, featuring Paesano’s outstanding catering, craft an exceptional backdrop for any couple’s special day. Significantly, it’s more than just a venue – it’s a holistic experience that guarantees a blend of beauty, exquisite taste, and lasting memories.

Ettore’s Bakery & Café: A Feast of Sweetness

Ettore’s Bakery & Café created a stunning masterpiece for Mihiri and Devanka’s wedding. Their custom cakes from Ettore’s Bakery & Café are more than just desserts; they are artistic expressions. Every cake uniquely mirrors the couple’s preferences and personal style, enhancing their celebration.

For their special day, Mihiri and Devanka selected a gorgeous dessert table from Ettore’s Bakery & Café. This table boasted a delightful variety of sweets, charming all the guests. The cake, a highlight from Ettore’s Bakery & Café, stood as the reception’s showstopper, earning everyone’s praise.

Beyond the cake, Ettore’s provided a wide selection of desserts. Their offerings ranged from sophisticated pastries to rich chocolates. This assortment of desserts from Ettore’s Bakery & Café did more than satisfy sweet tooths; it played a key role in the festivities, bringing extra sweetness and joy to Mihiri and Devanka’s memorable day.

Mark Addington: Orchestrating Musical Magic at Weddings

Mark Addington played a pivotal role in making the evening truly unforgettable. At Mark Addington Events, there’s a deep-seated belief: the ideal DJ takes a wedding reception from good to great. “DJ Mark Addington rocked” is not just praise; it reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Moreover, his music choices at Mark Addington synced perfectly with the couple’s taste and the overall guest ambiance. Notably, Mark’s skill lies in his keen sense of the room’s mood, allowing him to customize the music seamlessly. Consequently, his impact is undeniable: a talented DJ like Mark doesn’t just entertain; he transforms a reception into an enduring memory.

Furthermore, the atmosphere Mark Addington created was captivating from the outset. Throughout the event, his well-chosen tunes kept the celebration dynamic and the dance floor bustling. Importantly, Mark Addington goes beyond just playing music; he constructs a complete, engaging experience, elevating the entire reception from merely enjoyable to truly memorable.

Congratulations, Mihiri and Devanka



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