Sacramento’s Hidden Gem: Scribner Bend Vineyard

Nestled in the heart of Sacramento, Scribner Bend Vineyard boasts a rich history. Established over a century ago, this vineyard has seen generations of grape cultivation. Originally, it was a dairy and farming property. Then, the Scribner family transformed it. Today, the Scribner Bend Vineyard stands as a testament to passion, resilience, and the art of winemaking.

Understandably, Monica and Brandon chose this venue for their day.

Monica and Brandon’s wedding was a dream come true. Held at Scribner Bend, this location gave their celebration an elegant touch. The vineyard’s lush greenery provided the perfect backdrop. Guests were enchanted, snapping photos left and right. Moreover, the Scribner Bend wedding venue offered a blend of rustic charm and modern elegance that resonated with the couple’s personal style. There, they danced the night away. Delicious food was served. Laughter filled the air. Furthermore, the memories made at Scribner Bend will forever linger in the hearts of those who were part of this extraordinary day. It was a day filled with love, joy, and the unique ambiance that only a Sacramento vineyard wedding can offer.

Elegance from Head to Toe

Monica chose 1970. Salon for her bridal hairstyle. There, experts crafted a stunning half updo for her. Delicate hair gems were sprinkled, adding a touch of sparkle. Each gem gleamed, reflecting the joy of the day. Gentle curls framed her face, accentuating the makeup she expertly applied herself.

Bridal Beauty: It’s All in the Details

At 1970. Salon, the team believes in detail. Every curl, every twist matters. Monica’s experience echoed this ethos. Her hair mirrored her personality: elegant yet vivacious. Furthermore, the gentle curls complemented the DIY makeup she wore. Bold yet graceful, Monica truly was the star. All thanks to her own makeup skills and the expertise of 1970. Salon. A match made in bridal beauty heaven.

A Morning to Remember: Adorable Pajama Sets for the Bridal Party

The bridal party woke up to delight. Adorable pajama sets awaited them. These weren’t ordinary PJs. They were special, chosen with love. Together, they laughed and reminisced in comfort and style. Such moments are treasures, bonding the group before the big event.

Inspiring Ideas: Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

Gift ideas can be challenging. You want something meaningful. Something that resonates. Dee and Kris shared their wisdom in a blog post titled “Unique Bridesmaids Gifts.” It’s a treasure trove of thoughtful tokens, like these pajama sets. Moreover, it’s a guide to expressing gratitude with warmth. So, when the bridal party donned those matching sets, they weren’t merely wearing PJs. They were embracing a thoughtful gesture, wrapped in love and appreciation. It was more than fabric; it was friendship, captured in a cozy, delightful way.

Capturing Memories: Dee and Kris Photography Chronicles the Day

From dawn to dusk, Dee and Kris Photography was there. They captured moments, emotions, and everything in between. Starting with the morning preparations of bride and groom, their lenses focused on every intricate detail.

Monica wore a masterpiece. Her dress, an exquisite creation by Jenny Yoo, was sourced from Sacramento’s premier bridal boutique, a&bé bridal shop. Elegance dripped from every thread. It was love at first sight. Yet, every gown needs a touch of personalization.

Enter Carole Kenney. With her seasoned hands, she performed dress alterations that were nothing short of magic. Monica’s gown was transformed, fitting her like a second skin. Moreover, Carole ensured the length showcased Monica’s choice of footwear: a pair of stunning strap sandals by Sam Edelman.

Groom’s Prep: Dee and Kris Photography Zoom In

Brandon’s morning began early. Anticipation was in the air. With Dee and Kris Photography capturing every moment, the essence of the groom’s preparation unfolded. His focus on the details was palpable.

Perfecting the Details: Brandon’s Accessories

Accessories matter. They elevate the ensemble. For Brandon, this wasn’t an oversight. Each piece he adorned was meticulously chosen. Cufflinks gleamed. The tie clip, perfectly positioned. With every accessory, Brandon’s persona resonated even more prominently.

Dee and Kris Photography didn’t miss a beat. Their lenses captured the groom’s dedication to perfection. Each frame told a story of a man ready to embark on a momentous journey. Their photos highlighted not just the tangible elements but also the emotions, making Brandon’s preparations a memorable narrative.

Floral Magic: Jackie’s Flowers Transforms Scribner

Jackie Perez knows her craft. As the visionary behind Jackie’s Flowers, her expertise is unparalleled. Each petal, every bloom, is chosen with precision.

Blossoming Elegance: Jackie’s Artistry

Flowers speak volumes. They set the mood. Jackie’s skill did just that for Scribner. Elegant arrangements graced the venue. From the entryway to the reception hall, her touch was evident.

Jackie’s Flowers didn’t just provide décor; they elevated Scribner. With each arrangement, the charm of the venue blossomed into sheer elegance. Guests couldn’t help but admire the floral symphony. It was a testament to Jackie’s eye for beauty and her unparalleled craftsmanship.

Culinary Excellence: Paesano’s Gourmet Wedding Menu

Food is emotion. Every plate, a story. Paesano’s brought this sentiment to life at Scribner Bend.

A Seamless Partnership: In-House Culinary Mastery

Being Scribner Bend’s in-house caterer, Paesano’s knows the venue inside out. Each dish is curated with precision. The ambiance, the setting, the food – all in harmony.

Guests savored every bite. Paesano’s gourmet creations left an indelible mark on palates. It wasn’t just a meal; it was a culinary journey. Through this partnership, Scribner Bend’s events got a touch of gourmet perfection, making memorable moments even more special.

Touches that Make a Difference

A Unique Brew: A Whole Latte Love Coffee Catering Adds Flair

Coffee tells stories. Each sip, a memory. With A Whole Latte Love Coffee Catering, the wedding found its aromatic narrative.

Catering isn’t just about serving. It’s about experience. And that’s where A Whole Latte Love shined. Custom brews, tailored to the couple’s taste, were on offer. Guests relished the personal touch. Conversations flowed, memories were made, all over cups of their exquisite coffee.

With every steaming mug, A Whole Latte Love Coffee Catering proved it wasn’t just about caffeine. It was about crafting moments, adding warmth, and bringing a personal touch to a day of love and union.

Doubling the Delight: Traditional Cake Meets Marie’s Donuts

Traditions matter. So does a sprinkle of surprise. Alongside their classic wedding cake, the couple introduced treats from Marie’s Donuts.

A Sweet Addition: Sacramento’s Finest

Donuts are joy in a bite. Especially when they’re from Marie’s. Known across Sacramento, Marie’s Donuts carries a reputation. It’s not just any stand; it’s among the best.

Guests were thrilled. The soft, sugary delights complemented the elegance of the cake. With each bite, the celebration got a tad sweeter. It was a delightful blend of tradition and local flavor, making the day all the more memorable.

Dance The Night Away: Function 45 Masters the Mood

Magic happens on the dance floor. Especially when the DJs from Function 45 take charge.

From Romance to Revelry: The DJ’s Magical Touch

Under the marquee light, the couple stepped forth. Their initial, boldly shining on the barn, set the scene. As the music started, the ambiance turned intimate. Their first dance was a vision, with every note drawing out deep emotions.

But as night fell, the tempo changed. Function 45 knew the drill. From soulful slow dances, they swiftly transitioned to energetic beats. Guests couldn’t resist. The floor filled, shoes were kicked off, and laughter echoed. The night transformed into a full-blown party, all thanks to the musical maestros at Function 45. The joy was palpable, and memories were made to the backdrop of perfect tunes.

Congratulations, Monica and Brandon!

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