Morgan Merrill Beauty

Morgan Merrill Beauty

Morgan is our hair and makeup for all of our in-studio glamour sessions and we LOVE when we get the opportunity to work with her at weddings! If you want someone who is going to be there before your wedding day to help prepare for your best look ever, Morgan might just be your match! Prior to the wedding, she offers skin care, airbrush tanning, AND she does permanent cosmetics!

What Specialties do you provide?

All Day Hair & Makeup

Full Team for Hair & Makeup for your entire Bridal Party

Skin Care

Permanent Cosmetics (eyebrows)

Airbrush Tanning

Who is your ideal client?

A woman who knows and appreciates the value of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for their wedding day. Your hair and makeup will endure many different elements, movements, lighting, etc.; not to mention the photos! It is important to hire someone who understands all of that.

What would you like every client to know that sets you apart from other artists?

I am always taking advanced training classes. I never want to stop learning and honing in on my craft. I also understand the skin being a licensed esthetician I am able to recommend the best products for all skin types and conditions. I can treat the skin prior to your special day to make sure your makeup looks its best!

Anything else you’d like to share with bride’s looking for hair and makeup?

I also offer all-day services where I stay through photos, the ceremony all the way until the reception to ensure that the bride’s hair and makeup are perfect! This is great for touch ups or if you want to change a hair look or makeup look from ceremony to reception!

Morgan’s Timeline for Your BEST Wedding Day Glam

6 – 12 Month prior to Wedding Day: Start getting facials, this will benefit your photos and makeup application on the day of your wedding!

4 – 6 Months prior to Wedding Day: If you want to have your brows micro bladed you need to plan well in advance to allow for a second touchup 1-2 months before your wedding to allow for swelling and flaking to subside.

3 Weeks prior to Wedding Day: Spray Tan – if you want to look tan, the safe, even way to achieve that is to get a spray tan with an airbrush gun. This will ensure an even, streak-free, sage, golden tan!

2 Week Prior to Wedding – Cut and Color Hair, freshly cut and colored hair can be difficult to style as it can have a “Mind of its own” when freshly done.

5 Days prior to Wedding Day: Wax brows, lips, etc.

Day of Wedding: Hair needs to be dry and ready to be styled. If your hair has trouble holding curls, slightly dirty is always best, but if you have an oily scalp washing and blow drying the morning of it ok. Put your normal products in, then blow dry the hair. It doesn’t need to be perfect or complexity smooth, just dry! Unless a blow out is what is requested, then wet hair is obviously best!


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